My Morning Coffee

by HEAB on December 1, 2008

Must flip switch…must flip switch…must flip switch.  This is my mantra every morning as I stumble down the stairs into the kitchen.  My goal is to make it to the coffee maker without tripping over 2 very excited and hungry dogs and get the pot dripping as quickly as possible.  Everything is ready to go thanks to my evening routine of filling the coffee filter with grounds.  The spoon is placed next to the coffee maker on top of a napkin to catch my spills…I’m a bit of a klutz, especially at 5:30 AM.  If I ever purchase a new coffee maker, it will definitely have a timer.  Ahhh, waking up to the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, that would be lovely.

I never drank coffee until I decided to kick my diet soda habit.  Too much of that stuff entered my body, and working for a natural medicine doctor meant I had to sneak every sip of my beloved Coke Zero.  Nothing artificial is allowed in our office.  After a couple days of horrible headaches, I got it out of my system.  Now, I treat myself to one cup of coffee a day.  OK, so my mug is huge, not exactly 8 oz, but it’s better than all that soda!  I love my morning coffee routine before hitting the gym or going for a trail run.  It’s coffee first, workout second, breakfast third.

Pictured below is my dilemma.

Coffee before I mutilate it.

Coffee before I mutilate it.

coffee flavored half and half.

My morning beverage of choice: coffee flavored half and half.

I use so much half and half in my coffee, and then I add sweetener.  I try to use a tsp of Turbinado sugar or a little honey, but sometimes I grab a Splenda when gripped by my fear of extra calories.  I’ve tried everything from plain old milk to coconut milk (BAD IDEA!) to doctor up my morning cup o’ joe.  Any suggestions?  I DO NOT like it black.  How do you guys take your morning caffeine fix?