Yogurt Success!

by HEAB on December 11, 2008

Round 3.  Total disaster!  Upon opening my oven/incubator, I was quite disappointed to find that instead of yogurt, I had a big bowl of spoiled milk.  $*%&@#$*&^@!.   Apparently, yogurt cultures do not thrive under the “clean, beautiful light” of a GE Reveal bulb.  Lesson learned.  Fortunately, I had enough leftover ingredients to whip up another batch.

Round 4.

Thank you Costco HeatDish!

Thank you Costco HeatDish!

This method of incubation worked much better.  After 14 hours of blasting the heat, this was my result:

Quite comparable to store bought Greek yogurt, no?

Quite comparable to commerical brand Greek yogurt, no?

I let it chill for about 36 hours and then dove into it with a spoonful of almond butter and some cinnamon Puffins last night.  The wait was killing me!  The taste was incredible, tangy but not overwhelming.  The consistency was even thicker than my fat-free  Fage.  I did use 2% milk rather than skim, giving my version a higher fat content.  In summary, I would say the actual work involved in making homemade Greek yogurt was worth it, especially based on how much money I saved.  Was it worth all the waiting (15 hours + 2-3 days)?  Hell…Heck  no!  Remember, patience isn’t one of my best virtues, especially when food is involved.  I’m glad I attempted it.  Glad I didn’t burn our house down, and I’m really excited that I have over 5 cups of this thick goodness to eat on for the next several days!

Moral of the story is…

A shout out to Trader Joe's.  Thank you for FINALLY opening in Nashville!

A shout out to Trader Joe's. Thank you for FINALLY opening in Nashville!

Shop at Trader Joe’s.  Their Greek yogurt, although not as good as Fage,  is half the price and provides instant satisfaction :)

What is your favorite TJ’s product?

A Happy Birthday shout out to Cherie :)

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