Child's Pose?…Again?…Please?

by HEAB on December 30, 2008

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Today’s post is a mix of yesterday’s eats and activities.  We’ll begin with dessert as it is my favorite meal of the day :) .

Banana Sandwich with Laughing Cow Light Cheese & Melted Carob Chips

Banana Sandwich with Laughing Cow Light Cheese & Carob Chips Served Warm.

I don’t know if the rest of my day can really compete with dessert, but here goes…

Monday nights used to be filled with my favorite yoga class at the local YMCA.  Gillian, the best yoga instructor ever, lead us through Vinyasa after Vinyasa.   It wasn’t easy, and there was a lot of sweating involved.  Even so, I looked forward to every class, and it was the only one I ever regularly attended.  Sadly, when Gillian left for another studio, I cut out yoga all together.  Big mistake!

Since I recommend yoga to numerous clients, I’ve decided I must recommit to my own practice.  Surely there are other Gillians out there, right?  2009 is going to be the year of yoga for me, and I figured an early start couldn’t hurt.   My intentions for this final week of vacation are plenty of rest and lots of yoga.  Today, I accomplished the yoga but didn’t do too well with that whole resting thing (more on that tomorrow).  However, I had no problem eating half a bag of carob chips.

Carob Chips - I Love You So

Carob Chips - I Love You So

I checked out the local gym’s holiday schedule and circled a yoga class for everyday that I am here.  Unfortunately, they are closed New Year’s Eve & Day.  So, I might try Yoga Download those days.  Please leave any recommended classes in the comments below.  Today’s class was Yoga For All Levels, a perfect re-introduction into the Yogi world!

Please leave tips in the comments on how the hell one cuts up a butternut squash.  Thank you.  I ate these with lots of ketchup, but I bet they would have been better sprinkled with carob chips!

How the hell does one cut up a butternut squash? Help me please. I ate these with lots of ketchup, but I bet they would have been better sprinkled with carob chips!

Back to yoga.  I lift weights 3-5 days a week, but I am always amazed at the strength required by yoga.  Damn those Chaturangas!  Love them so much, but my arms were hating me today as I haven’t done anything resembling a Vinyasa in months!  It’s amazing how fast you lose your yoga muscles and flexibility.  Throughout today’s class, I kept praying for no more Down Dogs…please just say Child’s Pose again.  I know it won’t take long to get back into the swing of things, and with a little consistency, I’ll be doing headstands again before you know it!

Sunburger, Greens, Cottage Cheese, & Hummus - Post Yoga Lunch.  Down Dog refueling at its best!

Sunshine Burger, Greens, Cottage Cheese, & Hummus - Post Yoga Lunch. Down Dog refueling at its best!

My yoga appetite necessitated a post lunch treat…

1/3 Harvest Food Bar with Fage Greek Yogurt

1/3 Honest Foods Bar with Fage Greek Yogurt. Yeah, I ate it straight out of the container...and maybe even licked the edge. I'm not ashamed.

Forget the homemade stuff.  This week, I’m kickin it Fage style  (Thank you Alice!).

Please join me everyday this week as I blog about  my journey back to yoga…carob chips and other yummy eats to be included :) .

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