It's Almost Gone!

by HEAB on January 1, 2009

Six days...One TBSP left

Six days...One TBSP left

Didn’t I tell ya I love the Barney Butter?!?  We have so many different jars of nut butter at home, that I never eat from the same one.  Therefore, I’m never aware of how much almond butter I really go through…until now.  With just one jar to eat from this week, I realized I can really do some nut butter damage.  Impressive, huh?

So today’s yoga was the best class yet!  Since the Y was closed for the holiday, I happen to notice a yoga studio in a strip mall not to far from my in-laws.  Turns out At One Yoga was open today, and they offered a Basics class in the time slot I wanted.  Once again, the weather was beautiful, and I decided to walk to the studio.  One mile there, 85 minutes of yoga, and one mile back – perfect.

There were several reasons why I loved this class.  Since my muscles still were not in the mood for anything too intense, I figured a Basics class would be a gentle way to reacquaint my body with many of the poses it had forgotten.  The instructor was everything a yoga teacher should be: kind, helpful, and quiet.  As we sat in the seated position, she shared the following, “No one is good at yoga, and no one is bad at yoga.”  I loved her advice as I tend to get competitive with any activity, yoga included.  If the person next to me is more flexible, I can’t help but compare myself.  We warmed up, and then things got intense with plenty of Down Dogs, Chaturangas, & Cobras.  The last 20 minutes of the class focused on stretching and deep breathing.  The studio was warm and dim which is a nice change from the large cold cardio room at the Y.  I loved everything about it…especially all the Child’s Poses we did. :)  What a wonderful way to begin 2009!

The temperature reached almost 70 degrees today, and there was not a cloud in the sky – my ideal day!  I kept thinking about going outside after lunch and taking advantage of this amazing weather, but I didn’t.  I’m ashamed to say I spent the entire afternoon on the couch reading New Moon.  After finally giving in to all the Twilight hysteria,  I am now completely obsessed!  Please tell me that Edward returns to Bella at some point in this book.  Jacob is sweet and all, but come on…he’s no Edward!

I finally dragged myself away from Forks, Washington to make some dinner.  Chris and I like to cook for his parents at least one night while we are here.  John and Alice take such good care of us, but tonight it was our turn.  I whipped up a blogger inspired dinner…

Pumpkin Snobby Joe's & Kale Chips...smothered in ketchup.

Pumpkin Snobby Joe's on spaghetti squash with kale chips...smothered in ketchup.

I wanted to use up the rest of my Trader Joe’s canned pumpkin and threw it in the pot with the tomato sauce.  Turned out to be a very tasty addition.  Dinner was a hit, and I topped it all off with the last of my Fage Greek yogurt for dessert.  Perfect ending to a perfect day.

I’m not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, but it will definitely include some yoga…and the last of my Barney Butter. :(

How is everyone enjoying 2009 thus far?