An Indian Disaster & A New Look

by HEAB on January 7, 2009

Notice anything different around here?  Thanks to the brilliant ZestyCook, I’ve got a whole new look.  Not only does Zesty know his way around the kitchen (I’m dying to try this recipe), but he is also an amazing designer.  After giving him a completely vague idea of what I wanted, he came up with the perfect design for my blog header.  I love it – Thank you Zesty!  Make sure and visit his site today as I heard a rumor there is a giveaway. :)

As promised, tonight’s dinner included an array of Indian delights…


Red Lentil Daal & Saag with veggies

Red Lentil Daal & Saag with veggies

OK, so two Indian delights…definitely would have been better with some Naan!  This recipe is courtesy of Lindsay over at Happy Herbivore.  The lentils were good but needed more salt.  I always keep vegetable or chicken broth in the cabinet, but turns out I had none.  It was cream of mushroom soup or water…cream of mushroom and Garam Masala?  I think not.  So, I substituted water for the veggie broth.  Hence, the blandness.  Then I went and overdid it with the ginger in the Saag.  I accidentally used fresh instead of ground, and it basically tasted like collard greens doused in Lemon Pledge.  I know from reading other blogs, that Lindsay’s recipe is great, and I can’t wait to try it again.  Lessons learned:  always keep vegetable or chicken broth on hand, AND never use a garlic press to mince ginger.  I ended up with mostly ginger juice and just threw it in the pot.  Bad idea!  At least we tried something new…and the side of veggies was pretty tasty. :)

Workout Update…After my yoga challenge last week, I really wanted to return to Nashville and continue to strengthen my practice.  So, I’ve been back for 3 days now and have done NO yoga.  I did pick up a class schedule at my local gym today, and it’s either Piloga tomorrow morning or  a new Hatha yoga class on Thursday. The Piloga class is great, and I used to go all the time until my work schedule changed.  The instructor incorporates Pilates with the Vinyasa Flow style of yoga.  However, since I’m all about trying new things this week, I think I’ll check out the Hatha class.  I’m thinking tomorrow’s workout will include a cardio circuit.  Stay tuned for details as I love a good sweat-fest! :)

OK, it’s way past my bedtime.  Night y’all.

Question: If you stay up later than normal, do you eat a snack before going to bed?  It’s been hours since dinner, and I’m a little hungry.  Think I’ll just drink some hot tea and call it a night.