Quinoa Fiesta

by HEAB on January 9, 2009

Did everyone survive their first full week back at work?  Anyone else get down in January?  Nashville’s weather usually stays pretty gloomy, and I struggle with the winter blues.  However, these past few days have been full of sunshine making me one happy camper.  This is why I can’t wait to move to sunny Colorado.  It’s cold, but they have sunshine most days of the year. :)

I went for an early morning trail run with my friend Amy.  She’s the one who got me into trail running several years ago and even talked me into doing a 50K race (31 miles), but that’s another post for another day.  We covered about 4 miles, and I couldn’t feel my fingers the first half of the run as the temp. was in the upper 20’s.  Brrrr, but it was sunny and beautiful.  I love a good run in the woods!  Amy spent the holidays with her boyfriend in Peru and brought me back a little surprise.

Sweets from Peru

Peruvian Candy

The perfect post-run treat.  Thank you Amy…and Carlos!

Caramel and pecans covered with a white nougat coating.  Yum!

Caramel and pecans dipped in a white nougat coating. Yum!

I had another somewhat crazy day.  My lunch consisted of the rest of the raw mac & cheese.  I swallowed it down while frantically trying to clean the house for yet another showing.  Send good thoughts our way as this was the second time this particular couple wanted to see our house.  Come on people…interest rates are at an all time low…buy our house…please?

After another afternoon playing at the dog park, I arrived home ready to start cooking.  I was flipping through The Whole Foods Market Cookbook and found a recipe for quinoa stuffed bell peppers, but totally changed it based on the ingredients I had.

I chopped about 1/2 red onion and a fistful of cilantro in my food processor.



After a few quick pulses…

I'm an awful chopper, but the food processor makes it so easy!

I'm an awful chopper, but the food processor makes it so easy!

I cut 3 bell peppers in half, sprayed them with cooking oil, topped them with salt and cayenne, and placed them in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes.  While the peppers softened up, I cooked 1 cup of quinoa on the stove-top.  When the quinoa was done, I placed it in a large bowl and added my chopped onion and cilantro, 1 can of black beans, 2 TBSP chopped jalapeno peppers, 1/2 cup Trader Joe’s shredded Mexican cheese, salt, pepper, and Mexican seasonings.

Ay Caramba!

Mexican Quinoa Delight...Ay Caramba!

I then stuffed my bell pepper halves with the quinoa salad, placed them in a greased casserole dish with 1/2 cup water, covered the dish with foil, and placed it in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes.

The finished product

The finished product

I ate mine atop a bed of wilted spinach sprinkled with Braggs.



I only ate one because I wanted to save a little room for something sweet. :)

And for dessert…drum-roll please…

No you didn't...Yes, I did.

No you didn't...Yes, I did.

I love eating the last few bites of almond butter straight from the jar.  Sometimes, I’ll throw in a warm Clif Zbar…Chocolate Brownie if you please and maybe some yogurt.  Yeah, that’s right, I mix it up right in the jar and scrape out every last bite with my spoon.  Seriously, does life get any better?


All gone. :(

Any big plans for the weekend?  I have to work tomorrow.  Not my favorite thing to do on a Saturday, but I’m grateful for the clients as it has been such a slooooow week in the world of massage therapy.  Night everyone!