Wear Your Love Like Heaven

by HEAB on January 16, 2009

9 degrees outside this morning…9 DEGREES!  I know that is warm compared to what some of you are experiencing in the Mid-West, but that is super cold for Nashville.  These veins are full of southern blood y’all – I can’t handle this!  What better way to warm up than some Hot Yoga?!  

5 AM – Coffee with the pups.

Me & Einstein

Me & Einstein

Radley, as in "Boo".  Can you freakin stand the cuteness?

Radley, as in "Boo". Can you freakin stand the cuteness?

Sorry, but when I get a chance to show off the pooches…I will cause I love them so. :)  

5:45 AM – I quickly journey from the freezing tundra of a parking garage into the sauna that awaits me. I enter the 105 degree yoga studio and lie down on my mat as Sarah McLachlan’s sweet voice sings to me.  The instructor enters the room and announces the first posture of the morning…Child’s Pose.  Happiness invades my soul, people – pure bliss!

Another fantastic & challenging yoga session today…but sadly, still no Bikram.  I again showed up for Power Yoga.  A suggestion for Hot Yoga Nashville – label your class schedule, please.  This class was an hour of solid movement.  Although we started with Child’s Pose, we quickly moved into Sun Salutations and did not slow down until Savasana.  I used to think I could never make it through 90 minutes of yoga, but after today’s 60 minute class, I think I prefer the longer sessions as we didn’t have time for some of my favorite poses today…namely Pigeon. :(  I made sure to drink a lot more water, but I still had quite the appetite!  Once again, I was hungry all day and had a few more snacky-snacks than usual.  But that’s okay, because I’m listening to this body, and it said, “More food…yeah, eat that Larabar…Peanut butter flava please!”  So I did, and it was good. :)

For tomorrow’s yoga adventure, I made sure that I would be attending a Bikram class.  I love a good Power Yoga sweat, but I want to experience all that is Bikram…every single asana…all 26 of them!  Unfortunately, I hear there is no Down Dog.  Bummer as I love a good Down Dog!  Can’t wait to share my experiences with you.

I’ve heard from so many that have tried Bikram yoga, and I get the same response over and over…Oh yeah, love Hot Yoga.  I was totally addicted for a few months…Or…Hot Yoga is great.  I went last year and loved it.  Seems like no one sticks with it long term.  Why is that?  Will this simply be a phase for me as well?  I admit the extreme cold temperatures make it more inviting…I wonder if I’d be enjoying it as much if it were July and 95 degrees outside?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  For now, I’m loving Hot Yoga!

In conclusion, I leave you with photos of my lunch because it brought a little sunshine to my day.  Hope it does the same for you. :)

Sunshine Salad - Spinach, steamed red onion, broccoli, & orange bell pepper, tempeh, and hummus

Sunshine Salad - Spinach, steamed red onion, broccoli, & orange bell pepper, tempeh, and hummus

Hmm, still hungry…I thought about having some carrots and almond butter (kick a$$ snack if you’ve never tried it – get the big carrots, NOT baby)…but, that is not what I truly wanted.  Maybe something sweeter & warm…maybe a little chocolate?…but I want almond butter as well.  What to do…What to do?

Hot chocolate, whipped cream, & spoonful of almond butter.

Ahh, problem solved. Hot chocolate, whipped cream, & a spoonful of almond butter.

Never leave out the almond butter…NEVER!

PS – My post title is the name of a song from one of my favorite Sarah McLachlan albums, Solace, but I’m hoping you knew that already.   Happy weekend everybody!