Who Needs Mickey D's?

by HEAB on February 24, 2009

A fun Heather McD fact: When Chris and I first started dating, I kept one lock of my hair died hot pink. I don’t remember when I stopped doing this, but Chris always loved the pink.  So funny because he looks so conservative, and I’m more of the free spirited type when it comes to style.  I love that about us. :)  Anyway, onto breakfast…

McGriddle Cakes, Heather Style!

McGriddle cakes, Heather style!

Looks pretty carbolicious, huh?  Well it wasn’t!  The stats: 475 calories, 14 grams of fat (26%), 21 grams of carbs (18%), and 63 grams of protein (55%).  Since February 24 is National Pancake Day (Thank you Polly!), I decided to make Justine’s protein crepes (again) to celebrate.  My obsession with these crepes is out of control, and I’ve decided to declare it National Pancake Week so that I can eat them every morning for the next few days!  This morning’s crepes were topped with peanut butter, Smart Balance Light, 1 scrambled egg white, 1 Morningstar sausage pattie, and maple syrup.  I can’t believe how delicious and filling this was for under 500 calories and over 60 grams of protein!  

Blended Bowl of the Day:

Chocolate Coconut Barley

Carob coconut barley

This magnificent bowl was both dairy AND soy free.  I’ve been holding off on eating the coconut milk yogurt sitting in our fridge until my dairy-free month of March, but I couldn’t take it anymore.  So, into the mix it went along with 1 cup cooked barley, 1 TBSP carob powder, and a splash of water to aid in blending.  Topped it all off with a little peanut butter…perfect.


I made Hangry Pants’ raw pesto sauce, and then in perfect Heather-style, un-rawed it with meatballs for Chris and salmon for me. :)

Roasted Veggies with quinoa, raw pesto, & meatballs

Roasted Veggies with quinoa, raw pesto, & meatballs

Exercise today: Recumbent bike.  After 40 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and finished my workout with a brisk 20 minute walk on the treadmill.  My yoga workshop starts in 6 days.  Ahhh, I will be so sad if I have to miss any of it!  I don’t know – maybe even the bike is irritating my hamstring.  So frustrating, but I think I will skip the biking for the rest of the week.  Ugh, I’m dying here…seriously, does anyone else thrive on a good sweat fest?  I need them in my life!

I’m giving up  gum for Lent, or aspartame laden rubber as Chris likes to call it.  I’m a total gum-aholic.  No cardio…no gum?  Watch out chocolate…we’re going to be good friends these next few weeks.

So, back to the pink streak.  It’s probably been 3 years since I’ve done something funky to my hair, but I surprised Chris with a new do.  Yesterday, I went super dark, and put the pink back. :)

Surprise CD!  I promise no animals were harmed in this photo.

Surprise CD! I promise no animals were harmed in this photo.

Ever done anything crazy with your hair?  OK, off to cram a few sticks of Spearmint Extra into my mouth before midnight!