Heather Goes Green

by HEAB on March 17, 2009

As promised, green food at every meal today…


Look at that beautiful nut butter just swimming in sea of green!

Look at that beautiful nut butter just swimming in a sea of green!

Another stellar breakfast.  This bowl contained 1/2 cup oat bran, 1/2 wheat bran cooked with 1 3/4 cup water, 2 egg whites, and 1 handful of spinach cooked on the stove-top.  I then blended it with a little cinnamon in the Vita-Mix and topped it off with some Trader Joe’s crunchy unsalted peanut butter and my cashew almond butter.  So delicious, but so did not fill my belly.  What is my deal?  I cannot satiate my hunger lately!  I think these early morning yoga sweat sessions require a lot more fuel than I thought.  That’s cool…I don’t mind eating more. :)

For lunch, I started things off with a wrap:

I think I ate my weight in spinach today.

I think I ate my weight in spinach today.

Inspired by my two favorite wrap eaters (Shelby and Sarah) I added 1/2 mashed avocado, 1 spoonful of hummus, 1 spoonful of BBQ sauce, and 1-2 cups spinach to a Flatout wrap.  I then heated it in the toaster oven until warm.  Tasty, but still hungry…

Time for a Green Monster:

Smoothies make me cold. :(

Smoothies make me cold. :(

My mix was 1 cup water, 1 scoop Jay Robb vanilla egg white protein powder (I’ve decided Jay Robb’s whey tastes much better!), 1 frozen banana, and 1 huge handful of frozen spinach.  Brrrr.

After work, I busted out one of these babies:

coconut_minis_vanillabarYeah, it wasn’t green, but what the hell…heck.  If it makes you feel any better, I ate it while sitting in the green grass. :)


Curried chickpeas with cilantro and veggies

Coconut Curried chickpeas with cilantro and veggies

I wanted to try my Turtle Mountain So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage in another savory dish, and thought this recipe sounded perfect.  Since the Coconut Milk Beverage doesn’t actually have much coconut flavor, I don’t think it was a wise choice as the chickpeas tasted pretty bland.

Should have used this instead:

Trader Joe's, I love you.

Trader Joe's, I love you.

Dessert got a little out of hand.  Usually, I have a bowl of oats to cure my post-dinner sweet tooth, but tonight, I was craving this as well:

Mmm...ice-cream :)

Mmm...ice-cream :)

So I decided to eat both. Remembering a raw key lime pie recipe I had been wanting to try, I concocted this bowl:

Key Lime Pie Oats A La Mode

Key Lime Pie Oats A La Mode

Best bowl of dessert oats EVER! I cooked 1/2 cup oat bran with 1/3 cup wheat bran on the stove-top with water.  I then blended the oat/bran combo in my Vita-Mix with 1/4 cup Trader Joe’s Light Coconut Milk, 1/4 of a frozen avocado (frozen avocados blend up so creamy!), juice from 1/2 a lime, 1 tsp of maple syrup, and a little vanilla.  While the ice-cream slowly melted, I savored every last bite. If this doesn’t prompt you to buy a Vita-Mix, I don’t know what will!  D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

OK, full now.

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Hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day. Night.