Confession Time

by HEAB on March 21, 2009

There have been a few comments and emails regarding my healthy eats, but I want everyone to know that my habits are not as clean as they appear, and I feel as though I might be deceiving some of you.  Yes, I did conquer my nasty Coke Zero habit a while back, and I’m off the sugar-free gum.  However, I love this…

Excuse the hair...this was literally taken 5 minutes after getting out of bet this morning.

Excuse the hair...this was literally taken 5 minutes after waking up this morning.

Sugar-free French Vanilla Coffee-Mate.  Yes, it’s completely artificial, and yes, I love it.  Can’t a girl just have one artificial thing in life?  I was so good for about a month, only adding cashew milk and Stevia to my coffee, but I broke down and bought more Coffee-Mate.  Why is it so freaking good?!?  Anyway, I’m joining Erica in her month of clean eating…as soon as I finish off this Coffee Mate.  Erica, I’ll be on board very soon…promise! :)

OK, that’s out of the way.  I feel much better.  Onto breakfast.

I have perfect the spinach oats.

I have perfected the spinach oats.

My green oats were the perfect consistency this morning.  So creamy and thick and GREEN!  I cooked 1/2 cup oat bran & 1/2 cup wheat bran with 1 3/4 cups water on the stove-top.  I then blended them with a handful of raw spinach, 2 ounces of frozen avocado & 1/2 scoop Jay Robb whey protein powder in the Vita-Mix.  Topped with Trader Joe’s crunchy unsalted peanut butter?  Yes, they were.  Packed with fiber?  Yep.  After discussing fiber intake with my doctor (who also happens to be my boss), I’m not going to worry about my daily fiber numbers.  He told me as long as I have an appetite, and I’m not downing a bunch of fiber fortified foods, I shouldn’t worry.  So, you better believe I went to town on this bowl!  I’m also trying to get more protein in my diet, hence Mr. Robb joining me for breakfast. :)

After our weekly trip to Costco (where Chris and I are known as the green produce couple), it was time for lunch.

1st course: roasted kale with a blood orange and one strawberry to make it pretty :)

1st course: roasted kale with blood orange segments and one strawberry to make it pretty. :)

Tortilla Time

Tortilla Time

I once again used Polly’s recipe for spelt tortillas, but doubled yesterday’s recipe. One half received cashew almond butter, and the other half received Sabra love, sun dried tomato style.  Today’s tortilla taste even better than yesterday’s.  I let the dough sit longer than 5 minutes, but I’m not sure if that’s why it came out fluffier. Whatever the reason, I hope I can recreate it!  Yum.

Then it was off to my 2-hour hot yoga class.  Today’s session was just what my body needed after 5 days of sweaty vinyasa after vinyasa.  We stretched, stood on our heads, and then stretched some more.  Perfect!  When I got home, I needed a snack.

Banana Dog

Banana Dog

I wanted protein.  I wanted carbs.  Smoothie?  No, too chilled after my yoga sweat fest.  What to do?  What to do? Protein pancake time!  I used Sarah’s recipe for her protein-only pancake.  I added just enough water to 1/2 scoop Jay Robb whey protein powder until it resembled pancake batter.  I then cooked it in my cast iron skillet for a minute or 2 on each side.  Rolled up my naner, and I was good to go. Thanks Sarah!

After an hour long walk with Chris and the pooches, we arrived home discussing dinner.  Chris requested his favorite as of late…sweet potato fries.  I didn’t take any pictures.  Nothing too exciting – just a lot of veggies and hummus consumed. However, dessert was rather brilliant if I do say so myself!  I’m actually a little embarrassed to show you what I did…but oh well, I’m all about the honesty today.

Ice-cream?  What's so embarrassing about that?  Just wait...

Ice-cream? What's so embarrassing about that? Just wait...

The last serving of ice-cream was calling my name, but I really wanted oat bran as well.  So, I quickly cooked some on the stove-top and just threw it in the container. The ice-cream melted all ooey gooey under the oat bran. Incredible!

No you didn't.  Yes, I did.

No you didn't. Yes, I did.

That’s it folks. Quite a lovely Saturday, and I hope you enjoyed your’s as well. Quickly, before I go, one of my readers (Hey Mandy!) suggested a Nashville get-together for any of those interested.  If you’re in the area and would like to go to dinner or something, please email me.  I would love to meet-up with fellow bloggers (Justine) and readers!

OK, one last thing.  Have I ever mentioned my love for Polly? :)  Look what she sent me in the mail:

img_1740Polly, thank you for being my sweet friend, for your encouraging words, for your yoga advice, for your emails, for your recipes, for your phone calls, and for your love of all things almond butter.  I truly love you my friend!

Whew, that was a long one. Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!