The Monster Mash

by HEAB on May 3, 2009

First off, my little brother is home!

Welcome home Scottie!

Isn't he cute? :)

After graduating from UNC, my brother served our country as a Naval Aviator and just moved back to Nashville last week.  We’re only 15 months apart and super close. I also have an older brother who lives in Indianapolis (Love you Chip!). Scottie, I could not be more proud of you, and I’m so happy to have you home!!!

Yesterday, I tried my second Iyengar Yoga class.  Iyengar Yoga really focuses on proper alignment, and I was constantly getting adjusted by the teacher (love that!). We did some stretching with a partner, and then got down to business with core work, headstand, handstand, and shoulder stand.  We worked on our standing split against the wall which really allowed me to get deeper into the pose.  It was great, but I’ll be honest.  I’m still struggling with the whole I’m not getting my heart rate up and sweating thing.  I KNOW in my heart that this class was sooo good for my body in that it definitely worked all of my muscles, but I want you guys to know that I still freak out sometimes about not getting that calorie burn. I’m working on it, and I know I’ll get there one day.  Body, I’m listening to you…promise! :)

After yoga, it was time for some lunch, and since I’m doing Katie’s New Foods Challenge, I decided on purple cauliflower. Never had it. Look how pretty:

Purple bowl of fiber.

Purple bowl of fiber.

I followed Katie’s Monster-Mashed Cauliflower recipe, but substituted basil for the parsley and threw in a few sun dried tomatoes as well.  Underneath my big purple blob was wilted spinach and sauteed collard greens with a side of Trader Joe’s veggie tortilla chips with flax.

Several lessons learned from this meal:

  1. I’ve decided that collard greens taste much better when simmered with a ham hock. This past week, I’ve tried eating them raw, steamed, roasted, and sauteed. What can I say?  I’m Southern, and in my opinion, greens will always taste better with a little flava lovin from the pig.
  2. Do not attempt to consume an entire head of cauliflower in one sitting unless you want your stomach to explode.
  3. Purple food is fun to eat…just don’t eat it all. :)

CD’s random comment of the day:

You and Justine make a cute couple…Um, thanks honey?