A Day In The Life Of HEAB

by HEAB on May 22, 2009

People always ask me about my lunches and dinners since I often just post my breakfast. Well, this post is for all the curious people out there. I would warn you, but y’all already know I eat weird things. So, here goes…

I skipped my usual Thursday early morning Power Yoga class and slept in until about 6:30.  I rolled out of bed, and made myself this:

A cup of miso broth

A cup of miso broth.

Who doesn’t love a warm mug of coffee fermented soup in the morning? Mmm, it was good.  Next it was off to the dog park for 45 minutes to play with the pooches. When I got home, I was ready for some breakfast:

Spinach oat bran with almond butter.

Spinach oat bran with almond butter.

This bowl was so filling.  I made my chia protein oats and blended them in the Vita-Mix with some steamed cauliflower and a huge handful of spinach.  I think it was the big blob of almond butter that put me over the edge, but that didn’t stop me from going back for more later in the day. :)

Then it was off to work to see 1 client at 11 AM.  I got home for lunch around 1 PM, and still wasn’t too hungry.  So, I kept things simple with some roasted kale and leftover steamed veggies:

There was ketchup involved...post picture of course.

There was ketchup involved...post picture of course.

After lunch, I grabbed a piece of chocolate:

Extra bitter chocolate makes me smile.

Dark chocolate makes me smile.

That my friends is 100% chocolate.  One day, I NEEDED chocolate, but all we had in the house were Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate Baking Squares, and so I ate one dipped in almond butter.  Now, I just love them plain.  It’s weird because I don’t like raw cacao nibs by themselves, but I love eating this unsweetened chocolate.  I dare you to try it.

Look for me in the baking aisle.  I'm super cheap. :)

Look for me in the baking aisle. I'm super cheap. :)

Then before heading back into work, my hunger started to kick in, and I made a smoothie in a bowl:

Coconut smoothie goodness.

Coconut smoothie goodness.

I blended 1 cup coconut water, 1/4 cup light coconut milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop Jay Robb vanilla rice protein powder, and 5 ice-cubes in my Vita-Mix.  Very good, but almost too sweet.  Next time, I’d use frozen berries instead of the naner.

Then I went back to work for my afternoon clients, and made it just in time to the studio for a 5:30 PM Anusara Yoga class. There was only one other student in the class, and so I received a lot of individual attention.  We only did a few poses but really focused on proper alignment for each one. The teacher was quirky, and I totally loved her.  She helped me go deeper in Forward Fold than I ever thought possible, and we even worked on handstand twice.  Great class – I will go back!

I really like to eat dinner with CD, but if I get home late from work, or in this case a yoga class, he’s usually already eaten.  Well, last night, I arrived home hungry with no desire to cook anything.  Chris hadn’t eaten yet, and so we each just did our own thing. I would like to say that this was my dinner…

See Alice, your son really can cook. :)

See Alice, your son really can cook. :)

…but, it wasn’t.  Chris sauteed himself some onions, mushrooms, and kale, topping his plate with Marinutta Sauce and Parm, and I had exactly what I wanted.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:


Radley helped me out with the last of the Rice Dream:

She was a bit upset that I didn't leave her very much. :)

She was a bit upset that I didn't leave her much. Sorry Radley.

That’s it folks.  Kind of a weird & boring day, but I’m kind of a weird and boring gal.  I do eat meat but didn’t happen to eat any yesterday. My eating rules used to be very strict…carbs only at breakfast. protein and veggies at lunch and dinner, blah blah blah.  Now, I just try to eat what I want when I want, even if that means oat bran for breakfast and dinner.  :)

CD’s Random Comment Of The Day:

My dinner was prettier than your’s…I’d have to agree with him on this one.

Have a wonderful weekend!