A Day In The Life Of CD

by HEAB on June 4, 2009

So, what does the husband of a green oat eating almond butter lovin yogini eat? Well, yesterday, CD was kind enough to let me photograph everything that went into his belly.  Shall we begin?

CD laced up his running shoes & headed out the door at 6 AM for a workout consisting of a 3 mile warm up + 6 miles at 5:45 pace + 1 mile cool down. He returned home with a smoothie on the brain, only to discover that I had monopolized the Vita-Mix with a batch of chia protein oats. Hehe – I decided they had thickened up enough and quickly blended my oats with some spinach so that CD could make his smoothie:

CD prefers his greens in salad form...unblended. :)

CD prefers his greens in salad form...unblended.

This smoothie contained 1 cup water, 1 cup kefir, vanilla protein powder, frozen strawberries, pineapple, peaches, and blueberries.  He had this glass x’s 2.  CD’s glass of choice is usually the Vita-Mix and a spoon, but unlike me, he wanted to appear more civilized on the World Wide Web. :)

Next up was a mid-morning breakfast prepared by his lovely wife:

Fluffy Eggs

Fluffy Eggs

If CD does his run before work, I try to help out and make him a breakfast if I have time.  CD is very particular about his eggs, but I think I’ve mastered his recipe. Using 1 heaping TBSP of unrefined coconut oil (makes the fluffiest eggs!), I scramble 3 whole eggs with 1/2 cup of carton egg whites.  When the eggs are almost done cooking, I crumble 1 piece of whole wheat toast into the mix, and then let them cool in the skillet while CD gets ready for work.

Before leaving for the office, he packs up his egg-toast concoction with a big spoonful of this:

IMG_2392Chris has black unsweetened coffee when he gets to work and eats his eggs around 11 AM.  He then comes home between 12:30 – 1 PM to see the pups so that we can have lunch together.  Yesterday, while I blended up a big green smoothie for myself, CD made the following:

Real men love salads!

Real men love salads!

We try and keep our fridge stocked with fresh veggies as we both love making Hugh Jass salads.  I’m not even sure what all was included in CD’s lunch yesterday. Looks like romaine, carrots, grape tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, raisins, Caesar dressing, and Humbecue Salmon Salad which Chris prefers heavy on the hummus & light on the Q.  CD is a huge fan of Jenn’s Humbecue creations, and now refers to our oldest pup as Einstein Bender.  I kid you not.

My favorite runner’s afternoon fuel of choice?  6 frozen dark chocolate squares:

Hershey's extra dark - we buy it in bulk at Costco.

Hershey's extra dark - we buy it in bulk at Costco.

CD usually gets home from work a little after 5 PM if he’s already done his run for the day.  If I’m not working late, we usually eat pretty early – around 6ish.  I decided on an all raw dinner last night starring Gena’s guacamole, but CD wanted some meat.  So, he made himself one of his favorite dinners (I love cooking together in the kitchen and then sitting down to a meal at the table.  Do you guys ever cook with your husbands/boyfriends?):

Marinutta meat & veggies with parm.

Marinutta meat & veggies with parm.

CD sauteed 1/2 lb. hamburger meat with mushrooms and onions and then mixed it all together with almond butter Marinutta Sauce.  Almost every CD dinner gets topped with Parmesan cheese. (Do you approve Maggie? :))

CD’s after dinner snacks consisted of:

A chopped apple which he shared with Radley, the pup.

a chopped apple which he shared with Radley, the pup.

and brown rice chips straight from the bag:

IMG_2399There you have it – a day in the life of CD.  Many of you have emailed me to ask if Chris and I eat the same things.  My answer is we eat similar, but while I’m more of a veggie/oat girl, CD is more of a veggie/meat guy.

One of the things that really attracted me to Chris was his interest in healthy eating and exercise, as both are so important to me.  Honestly, I think it would be difficult to eat the way I do if I was married to someone who ate nothing but fast food all the time.  Yes, Chris frowns when I get out the broccoli steamer, but he is so supportive of my interests in diet and exercise.  I would not be the person I am today without him.  Love you so much CD!

I leave you with…

Heather’s Random Comment of the Day:

CD, your smoothies are so pretty.  Mine always end up looking like green poo. :(