Old Habits

by HEAB on June 8, 2009

Yesterday morning, I was super excited to use a new bowl we got at Costco for my breakfast. :)


CD and I went through this 26 ounce jar of almond butter in 2 weeks.  It would have been gone a lot sooner, but I’ve also been working my way through a jar of homemade pecan nut butter.

In went the banana:

I love having the banana and almond butter waiting for me at the end.

I love having the banana and almond butter waiting for me at the bottom.

Next up was the oat bran mixed with Jay Robb’s vanilla rice protein powder:

The perfect breakfast. You better believed I scraped that jar clean!

The perfect breakfast, and you better believed I scraped that jar clean!

Confession time:  So, I felt really guilty about the amount of food I ate on Saturday, and guess what I did after breakfast yesterday?  I went to go for a run on one of my favorite trails.  About 5 minutes into the run, all I wanted to do was stop and walk as I wasn’t really enjoying it.  I questioned why I was even out there, and I knew it wasn’t to enjoy a lovely trail run in the woods.  No, it was to burn off all the calories I consumed the day before.  So, I stopped and walked the rest of the way. A year ago, I would have kept running.  In fact, I probably would have run the trail once and then turned around and ran it again in the opposite direction as that is what I usually did if I felt I overate. Of course, I was pissed when the couple I past while running eventually caught up to me and then passed me, but I just kept walking. A 45 minute walk on a challenging trail is great exercise…why do I still have a hard time accepting this?  So, I want y’all to know that I still struggle, but I’m getting there. :)

Now for an exciting new recipe I tried for dinner last night:

Raw pasta with marinara.

Raw pasta with marinara.

Another winner from Gena!  My bowl contained spinach, raw yellow squash noodles (I’m obsessed with my spiralizer), and mushrooms.  I then topped everything with Gena’s marinara sauce and some Parm (grated raw jicama). I love Gena’s simple approach to raw eating, and this recipe was no exception as it took no time to make and tasted wonderful. Plus, I was stuffed.  Stuffed from nothing but raw veggies and a little olive oil?  Yes, trust me, it’s possible.

CD’s Random Comment Of The Day:

Sorry my friends, you’ll have to be patient for more comments…CD has been to busy watching the NBA playoffs.  Will they ever end?!?