Nature's Butter

by HEAB on June 11, 2009

Oh good, you’re back. I was afraid I might have scared you away with my oatgurt yesterday. :)

Yoga update: Last week, I realized I kind of overdid it with one too many 90 minute Vinyasa classes.  With all those Chaturangas and massage work I do, my left shoulder got a little bit out of whack.  On Sunday, I went to a Back to Basics yoga class with one of my readers (& now friend), Mandy.  I’m really hoping to learn proper alignment for the poses as I know I’m simply not doing some of them correctly. This class was part of a 6 week series, and I can’t wait for this Sunday’s hip opener class!  Other than that, I have done very little yoga this week – just lots of walking. Yesterday, it was raining when I wanted to go for a walk, and so I did some Tabata intervals on our stationary bike instead.  It’s been months since I’ve done this workout…it kicked my arse, but felt really good.  In my mind, it’s the ideal cardio – short and intense.

This morning, I was craving toast. So, that’s what I ate.

You knew I'd make it green somehow. :)

Who needs butter?

My condiments of choice for my Ezekiel sprouted grain bread were 1 mashed avocado and 1/2 a large banana.  Love this combo, and I dare you to try it. :)

A big thank you to Amelia over at Highways to Health for sending me the most thoughtful assortment of goods after we both completed Bobbi’s Simple Life Challenge.

A very Heather friendly package.

All very Heather friendly. :)

Raw coconut macaroons (all gone in less than 24 hours…oops), peppermint soap, a reusable shopping bag, and some raw crackers from One Lucky Duck. Seriously Amelia, you could not have sent a more perfect package.  Thanks again my friend!

Please make sure to stop by Angela’s Shop 4 A Cause today. 100% of the proceeds from her online auction will go to the Canadian Cancer Society. Don’t miss out as there are some great items for sale including a double batch of my Maple Nut Oaties.

A happy Thursday to you all!