Yoga For The HEABers

by HEAB on June 15, 2009

Look, I made some delicious turkey burgers:

You need this turkey burger recipe in your life.

You need this turkey burger recipe in your life.

For the recipe, please click here to read my guest post over on Justine’s blog, The Confessions of A SAHM.

What have I been doing all weekend? Well, in between some hiking and 90 minutes of  hip openers, I restocked the kabocha:

Once you go kabocha, you never go back.  Bye bye butternut!

Once you go kabocha, you never go back. Bye bye butternut.

There was also some homemade raw nut butter making and lots of oatgurt eating:

2 new toppers!

2 new toppers!

When I went to the Asian Market for more kabocha, I picked up a few random produce items, including a plantain. Seriously you guys, check out your local Asian grocery store – super cheap. Using cooking oil spray and a few sprinkles of stevia, I fried the plantain and placed half on top of my oatgurt with some homemade raw pecan nut butter.  The other half went into CD’s belly.

Green blended oatgurt.

Green blended oatgurt.

This bowl consisted of oatgurt blended with Jay Robb’s vanilla rice protein powder and spinach. Toppings were raw pecan butter and a tiny spoonful of homemade raw almond butter…after consuming about 4 whopping spoonfuls straight from the food processor.  I think I prefer my oatgurt unblended as I missed the oaty texture while eating this bowl.  Oatgurt soup? No thanks.

Now for some exciting news.  YogaDownload, one of my favorite online yoga resources, has kindly offered all HEAB readers (is it okay if I refer to you as HEABers :)) a chance to try their yoga and mediation classes at a discounted rate with a 50% off coupon. The coupon code is: HEAB which can be used an unlimited number of times until it expires at midnight on June 30th.  So exciting my friends. Click here to get started, and I’m super excited that they are now offering slide-slow classes. Being a visual person, I really need to see the poses. Go check out YogaDownload right now, and make sure to visit HEAB tomorrow for an exciting yoga giveaway.

CD’s Random Comment Of The Day:


It’s finally over!  CD will be back tomorrow…CD, you better have a good one prepared!