Explosive Morning

by HEAB on June 30, 2009

Wow – so many amazing comments on my weight loss post.  Reading them brought me so much joy – you guys amaze me!  Thank you so much for reminding me why I started blogging in the first place as lately I feel all I’ve done is share my bizarre meals with you…you do love my bizarre eats, right? :)

This morning was nothing short of a disaster in the kitchen.  First, there was a chia seed explosion involving my Vita-Mix…don’t ask.  2 hours later, and I’m still discovering little blobs of chia glue everywhere…

like on my sleeve.

like on my sleeve.

I then proceeded to make another batch of chia gel for my morning smoothie.  Look how creamy and yummy my smoothie looked…

Looks can be deceiving.

Yeah, well looks can be deceiving.

This was beyond Heat the Salmon Butt bad…we’re talking projectile vomit gross. Usually, I eat my disasters, but this one went straight down the kitchen sink. Blech. I can’t tell you what it contained quite yet as it was part of a product review I’m doing.  I’ll say this much…it was not Amazing.

So, instead I ate something I knew would make me happy:

My favorite bowl of oat bran.

My favorite bowl of oat bran.

I had about 1/4 a jar of ABU left and dumped some plain oat brain in on top.  This definitely made up for the smoothie!

After finishing off my jar, I realized I was completely out of any sort of almond butter.  Huh..wha?!?  Must make more ASAP.  So, I did:

Homemade raw almond butter.

Homemade raw almond butter.

Many of you have asked how I make my homemade nut butters, and now you can click here for the process. By the way, did y’all know it was National Almond Butter Day yesterday?  I hope you celebrated as much as I did. 

I must leave you now for some yoga, but before I go, don’t forget the following:

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In honor of Justine’s 100th post, I’m going to leave my own Confession of the Day:

I despise both sushi & wine.  Every year, I try them, hoping my taste buds will have changed, but nope.  Can’t do it my friends…can’t do it.  Give me Mexican food over Japanese any day, and I’d like a glass of water with lemon…no ice. Thanks. :)