Magically Delicious

by HEAB on July 3, 2009

Wow, that was quite a response to my Say No to Sugar post.  Thank you for all your comments!  There are still a few I haven’t responded to yet, but I’m getting there…my job really cuts into blogging time. :) Also, I know many of you have emailed me, and I promise a response to each of you soon.  Thanks again for all the encouragement – I was blown away!

Yesterday, I met up with an old friend for breakfast:

I said say "No" to sugar...not carbs entirely. :)

I said "Say no to sugar"...not carbs altogether.

I went through an Irish Steel Cut oats phase a while back, but left them behind when I began my love affair with oat bran.  Well, after reading Jess’s method for preparing Steel Cut oats, I decided to revisit them. Before cooking, I toasted my oats with 1 TBSP of soy-free Earth Balance, and then let them simmer in 1 1/2 cups water + cinnamon for about 20 minutes.  I skipped the addition of almond milk and banana since I wasn’t reheating them.  My bowl contained 2 serving of oats plus coconut butter shavings and a blob of almond butter the size of my head.  So delicious, but I was still hungry afterwards…missed my filling oat bran, but the chew factor was a nice change as I was beginning to wonder if there was really a point in me having any teeth. :)

So, this morning, I went back to Hot Yoga Nashville.  For any new readers, I used to go this studio all the time (read everyday).  I rarely did Bikram yoga, but I loved the early morning heated Vinyasa classes they offered…well, until my ER visit back in April.  I’ve been hesitant to go back, but I missed the teachers.  The flow style they teach really suits me, and it’s not just about getting in a good sweaty workout. Plus, on the days I have morning clients, a 6 AM class is perfect, and they’re the only studio with an early class on Friday mornings.  So, I went back…fully hydrated of course. 

After class, I came home and immediately drank this:

Electrolytes replenished - check!

Electrolytes replenished - check.

Then, I made a cherry Dryer Lint smoothie…enough to fill a huge salad bowl:

Smoothies are much more fun served in bowls.

Smoothies are much more fun eaten from bowls.

This smoothie was massive, and I ate the entire thing.  Anyone else a ravenous beast in the mornings?  The ingredients were:

Just what I needed after an hour of Chaturangas and before a busy morning of seeing clients, and I love the way the chia gel makes my smoothie jiggle like Santa Claus’s belly. :)

I was thinking about doing a HEAB Q & A post.  So, if you have questions for me, regarding anything I’ve posted about in the past or about my life in general, please ask away.  You can either leave your questions in the comments below or email them to me.

A Happy 4th of July to you all and don’t forget to visit Zesty Cook for a POM giveaway!