SourOat Bread

by HEAB on July 9, 2009

My SourOat bread really isn’t a new recipe, just a different version of oatgurt

World's healthiest bread? Dunno, but it sure tastes yummy!

My new favorite bread...Sorry Ezekiel. :)

Basically, all I did was follow the same method for making oatgurt, but I blended my soaked oat groats in really small batches, adding hardly any water.  I then spread a thin layer of the oats on a parchment lined cookie sheet, allowing them to ferment in a warm area for 48 hours.

IMG_2683Two days later, my SourOat bread was ready.

Check out that crust!

Check out that crust!

I’m kind of surprised out how well this little experiment went.  The bread is still pretty doughy underneath the crust, and next time, I would use a greased cookie sheet rather than the parchment paper as things did get a bit sticky. However, it’s really quite delicious, and I know I’ll be making more soon.  CD and I both love it.  Yummy bread PLUS beneficial bacteria? Great combo if you ask me!

Speaking of good bacteria, look what arrived on my doorstep this morning:

Coconut Milk Kefir...finally!

Coconut Milk Kefir...finally!

I am beyond excited about this new line of coconut milk kefirs from the folks over at Turtle Mountain, producers of the So Delicious products. Expect a review very soon.

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Off to have lunch with Justine. Bye. :)