Headed West

by HEAB on July 17, 2009

So, CD and I leave early tomorrow morning for Colorado.  We’re staying up in the mountains for 6 weeks, and for the first 3, we’ll pretty much be in the middle of nowhere.  I won’t lie…I’m pretty excited about nowhere.  

We will have Internet, and I hope to continue blogging.  However, I also hope to do lots of hiking and other outdoor activities.  My goal is to enjoy that fresh mountain air while I can and spend much less time on the computer.  Not sure what my eats will be like as the nearest grocery store is an hour away.  Where on earth will I get my almond butter, right? No worries, the Vita-Mix is coming along with us. 😉

Before we go, I wanted to share some fun eats with you:

I like radishes...who knew?

I like radishes...who knew?

Using Whole Body Love’s recipe, I made radish chips. So good!  Radishes never did much for me…until I tried them baked in chip form.  Yum!

Next up was a new protein powder:

Blueberry Brazil Nut Protein Smoothie

Blueberry Brazil Nut Protein Smoothie

This week, I made a new friend.  After emailing back and forth for a while, I met up with fellow Nashvillian Lacey, and she was kind enough to share some of her pea protein powder with me. All I have to say is watch out Jay! It contained 20 grams of protein per 160 calories, and was so delicious.  My topping of choice was some homemade Brazil nut butter. Perfect. Lacey, I really enjoyed our walk together, and I can’t wait to meet up again when I get back in town!

Then there was a good-bye lunch with two of my favorite girls, Justine and her Little One.  Justine was kind enough to invite me over to her beautiful home. Check out the spread:

I would join this girl for lunch everyday if I could.  Look at all those veggies!

I would join this girl for lunch everyday if I could. Look at all those veggies!

My plate contained a little bit of everything:

This probably would have cost me over $20 at Whole Foods.

This probably would have cost me over $20 at Whole Foods.

Justine, thank you again for allowing me to eat you out of house and home having me over yesterday.  I’m going to miss you!

Before I left, the Little One took our picture:

Justine, I think Little One's definitely has a future in photography. :)

Hilarious, no? Every time I look at this picture, I laugh. Thank you Little One!

There has been little yoga in my life lately as I was quite sore from some of last week’s classes.  I’m going to miss my studio while we’re away, but thank goodness for Polly and YogaDownload!  (Speaking of YogaDownload, you can save 40% on all classes through Monday, July 20 with the coupon code MidSummerSale).

The next 6 weeks should be very interesting.  I honestly don’t know what I’ll be eating…maybe some new food adventures await?  Personally, I think it’s time HEAB changed things up a bit.  We spent part of last summer out in Colorado, and I logged many hours running on mountain trails.  Perhaps I’ll get back out there? Who knows?  

We have a long drive tomorrow with our two dogs, and so I better get going.  Much to do today.  

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!