We Made It

by HEAB on July 20, 2009

OK, so I really wonder why everyone doesn’t move to Colorado as it is truly such an amazing place.  After a 20 hour drive, Chris and I arrived at our final destination around midnight, having no idea what our surroundings looked like.  We woke up to this view outside of our window:

I'm in heaven.

I'm in heaven.

We spent yesterday getting all settled in and adjusting to the change in altitude.  The house we’re renting sits at about 8,000 ft.  Nashville’s elevation is a little over 300 ft.  So, quite the change, and it seems to affect the dogs more than it does us as they did not move all day after their morning walk.

We’re staying about 10 minutes outside the small town of Westcliffe, Colorado. There are a handful of shops in the quaint little town center, and we stopped by the supermarket yesterday for some groceries.  Thankfully, there is a natural foods store, but it was closed yesterday.  I can’t wait to check it out later today as CD and I have already plowed through half a jar of the Trader Joe’s almond butter I brought.

After an hour long walk with the dogs yesterday, I made myself a salad.

My favorite salad minus the miso.

My favorite salad minus the miso.

The local supermarket definitely does not stock my beloved miso, but this salad was still super yummy.  My plate consisted of chopped romaine, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 a yellow bell pepper, grape tomatoes, and my dressing was a big blob of spinach massaged with the other 1/2 of my avocado, lemon juice, and 1/2 packet stevia. Really guys, creamy ranch or bleu cheese is so not necessary!

I’m also experimenting with a new oatgurt method using rolled oats.  I’m anxious to see if it works.

IMG_2858I’m hoping keeping the blended oats in the oven with the light on will help them ferment.  CD was already laughing at my Jay Robb and chia seed supply that I packed, not to mention the Vita-Mix.  There was no way he was going to agree to the Costco HeatDish coming along with us. Hehe.

Speaking of Jay Robb, CD tried his first Jay Robb rice protein smoothie last night which leads us to…

CD’s Random Comment of the Day:

You can tell Jay that his rice protein tastes just like chalk. Don’t worry Jay…personally, I love your chalk. :)

OK, I’m off to do some yoga…perhaps a try a little flow of my own.  Happy Monday my friends!