Not One Blended Meal…

by HEAB on July 23, 2009

There were a few of you not too happy with my choice of oat topping yesterday. ¬†Sorry about that. ūüėČ

Hopefully, today’s breakfast will sound more appealing…if anything, it sure tasted good!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Oats

Chocolate Covered Cherry Oats

This morning’s bowl consisted of 1/2 cup oat bran cooked with 1 1/2 cups water + 1 scoop of Sun Warrior chocolate rice protein powder (loving the Sun Warrior chocolate – better than their vanilla.) + 1/2 square Baker’s unsweetened baking chocolate + frozen cherries. ¬†No veggies included! ¬† Those bites that included oats, melted chocolate, and a cherry…wow!

Lately, I’ve been struggling a bit with balanced eating. ¬†When I find something that works for me, I tend to eat it again and again. Over these past few weeks, I’d grown to rely on my big bowls of veggie blended oats a bit too much. They tasted good, kept me full, and helped me maintain my weight. Problem was I was eating them everyday…sometimes twice. ¬†So, while we’re staying out West, I made a promise to myself that I would incorporate more foods back into my diet. ¬†

Last night’s dinner…no Vita-Mix required:

IMG_2879The original plan was for a chicken fajita style dinner, but I somehow ended up with a plate of sauteed onions, green bell pepper, mushrooms, roasted broccoli, grilled chicken, and hummus.  Mexican or not, still yummy.  What is it about the onion, pepper, mushroom combo?  So good!

Dessert was…

a plain baked sweet potato. One of my favorites!

a plain baked sweet potato.

So, I’m definitely shaking things up around my eats and really enjoying some old favorites. As far as exercise goes, I’ve been doing a lot of walking. ¬†At home, we have a fenced in yard, and our dogs go in and out as they please. ¬†No fences here, and my days are filled with several dog walks. ¬†Einstein and Radley both get so excited to see their leashes – so funny, and I love getting out in the sunshine with them. We’re a bit of a drive from some good hiking, but I’m hoping to get up in the mountains this weekend. ¬†There has been some yoga here and there, ¬†and I’m planning on a longer podcast later today.

Contador…Armstong…what do y’all think? ¬†I’m leaning towards Contador these days.