Musical Jars

by HEAB on July 31, 2009

Hey kiddos,

After our little lightning incident, the kind folks at apple had a new Macbook power cord shipped to me in 24 hours, but we still don’t have Internet access at the house.  Then, my cell phone decided to die, and my charger broke.  I am totally out of touch with everyone.  Yesterday, it was lovely. However, today, I was going a little crazy and drove into town to reconnect with the world. So, here I sit:

From Uniblogger to Boulevard Blogger. ;)

From Uniblogger to Boulevard Blogger. ;)

Also while in town, I thought I’d pick up some more HEAB breakfast supplies here:

IMG_2928Only kidding my friends, although, not too long ago, someone did refer to my breakfast as horse feed. 😉

Our time in Colorado has been amazing thus far.  I love spending 24/7 with CD, and it is so peaceful with nothing but amazing mountain views.  I continue to take long walks everyday, usually with the pups.  Yoga has been a part of my daily life as well.  Whether it be a little Peanut Butter Flow or YogaDownload, I’ve come to realize that I love doing 30 to 45 minutes of at-home yoga.  For anything longer, I prefer a studio environment.  I did find a community center in town that offers 90 minute yoga classes 3 days a week.  Yesterday, I joined my fellow Westcliffers for some Sun Salutations and a few Down Dogs.  It felt great, and I was the only one in the room under 50 years of age.  Those ladies were flexible and strong…very impressive and totally inspiring.  I WILL be doing yoga 30 years from now…I will!

What have I been eating you ask?  Why, oat bran in a jar of course!

Yes, I broke down and bought some $11 almond butter...CD needs his almond butter Marinutta my friends. :)

Yes, I broke down and bought the $11 almond butter...CD prefers AB in his Marinutta Sauce.

Every time we finish off a jar of nut butter, I run the jar through the dishwasher to use for future batches of homemade nut butter. Our collection keeps growing, and every morning, I dump nut butter from jar to jar and then fill one of them with oats, making sure to spread plenty of nut butter all over the sides as well as the bottom of the jar.  So fun to scrape it clean with my spoon! This morning’s jar contained PBU at the bottom (& swirled all over the sides), oat bran mixed with 1 scoop of Sun Warrior chocolate rice protein powder, and one heaping spoonful of almond butter served as my cherry on top.  Trust me, you have not lived until you’ve tried oats in a jar!

So, not much in my life has changed.  Still walking, still yogaing, still eating oats and almond butter, and still obsessing over Alexi Murdoch.  

Wishing all of you a happy Friday and weekend!