I'm Married to a Genius

by HEAB on August 3, 2009

My breakfast…

Oats in a Jar with a CD touch.

Oats in a Jar. Topping courtesy of CD.

Last night, CD had the brilliant idea of making homemade chocolate truffles, and they’re delicious. Love that boy!

He simply melted a serving of my favorite chocolate.

Bakers ChocolateHe then stirred in a spoonful of PB2 (sent to us by one of my readers.  Thanks Deb!).  Next he rolled the chocolate/PB2 combo into balls and stuck them in the fridge.  This morning, I added one to my breakfast.  It tasted straight up like an expensive dark chocolate truffle with a hint of peanut butter, and only 25 calories per ball (recipe made 3). Almond butter at the bottom, oat bran in the middle, and a truffle on top? Now, that’s my kind of parfait!

Me & My Favorite Truffle Maker

Me & My Favorite Truffle Maker

By the way, CD really enjoyed reading all of your comments on his daily eats post which leads us to…

CD’s Random Comment of the Day:

How about you rename your blog CD Eats Parmesan Cheese? 😉