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by HEAB on August 8, 2009

As promised, more Q & A…

Q: Katie P: Do you count how many calories you eat each day or just ‘know’ how much you need?  How do you keep things in control – weigh yourself daily/weekly/monthly? I am just starting out on maintenance, and I am impressed by your ability to eat what you love and still keep the weight off.  Any tips would be much appreciated.

A: I would love to say that I never count my calories…that the thought doesn’t even cross my mind, but I can’t.  After years of maintaining my weight loss, I can easily rattle off the calorie content for any food item out there.  No, I don’t keep a food journal or track my intake daily, but I always have a rough estimate going in my head.  I usually average between 1800-1900 calories a day, sometimes more, but rarely less.  I won’t lie – there are still days when I freak out that I’ve eaten way too much, and I’ll log onto to calculate my numbers.  

As far as keeping things in control goes, I know what foods work for me, and I stick to those. I refuse to be hungry, and I love feeling satiated – otherwise, I think about food all day.  So, as long as I stick to the good stuff, I’m fine.  We do own a scale, but I try not to weigh myself.  I might jump on once a week, but the numbers are always so different, and for me, it’s not very reliable.  I have this one pair of pants that I use as my “check-in” pants.  If they fit, then I just keep chugging along.  However, if they’re feeling tight around the thighs and pinching my belly, then I back off on the calories a bit.

Click here for a post by Mizfit regarding maintaining weight loss – there are a lot of great tips in the comments as well.

Q: Several of you have asked how CD and I met.

A: We met…in a bar on April 9, 2005.  We were both at The Flying Saucer, a local bar located in downtown Nashville, attending a post road-race party. Chris ran in the race, and I had worked as a volunteer.  CD is 4 years younger than me and looks so young anyway.  He was 24 when we met but didn’t look a day over 18. He had also enjoyed one too many drinks that evening. Let’s just say it wasn’t love at first sight for me (sorry CD). Anyway, we had mutual friends and kept running into one another over the next year.  I developed a bit of a crush, but he was clueless.  I basically stalked him (It totally works ladies!), and the rest is history. Love you Chris!

Our wedding day - September 22, 2007.

Our wedding day - September 22, 2007.

Q: Hayley: How did you get into yoga and what kinds of classes would you recommend to someone who likes a good challenge?

A:  My first experience with yoga was my senior year at Auburn University.  I actually took a yoga class as an elective, but I remember nothing about it. My weight loss journey began that same year, and although I owned a few yoga videos/DVD’s, I was never really into it.  Soon after, I took up running, and from then on, it was all cardio all the time. In my mind, Yoga was nothing but a bunch of New Agey type people sitting in a room meditating.   Besides, with all the running I was doing, there wasn’t much time for anything else.  However, after reading this essay, I began to question all the cardio I was doing as I wasn’t really enjoying my workouts anymore. Slowly, running began to take a back seat to other forms of exercise, including yoga.  My local YMCA offered a Yoga Sculpt class, and I was hooked from day 1.  Later I would learn that it was actually an Ashtanga Level 3 class – in typical Heather style I never really eased into yoga with any beginner classes.  Anyway, in January 2009, I decided that I would focus more on my yoga practice, and now it’s all I do.

Here are some past posts chronicling my journey from running/cardio to yoga:

When I started doing more and more yoga, I only wanted to do classes that felt like a workout to me – Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga classes.  However, now I’m incorporating more slower paced classes focusing on proper alignment like Anusara and restorative classes like Yin Yoga.  I’m feeling more balanced, and the gentler classes have really helped to deepen my practice – both physically and mentally.  It’s no longer about getting in a good workout, but about doing something good for my body, connecting with my breath, and being present.

Later my friends…I’ve got some mountains to hike. Have a good weekend! :)