Upping the Cals

by HEAB on August 10, 2009

Good Monday morning to you all!  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Q & A post.  There are still some unanswered HEAB questions out there, and I hope to get to them soon.

First off, I must mention a new blog that I love: Smoothie Girl Eats Too.  Deb, aka Smoothie Girl and I have been emailing back and forth for quite some time now. She has an amazing story and some great ideas (she introduced me to xanthan and guar gums – love them.).  Click here to read.  So excited for you Deb – it’s about time my friend! :)

As you know, CD and I are staying up in the mountains of Colorado.  We are surrounded by amazing trails, and between all the yoga, dog walking, hiking and Wii Fit (more about that in another post), I have had a huge appetite.  So, I’m listening to my body and eating more.

This may shock some of you, but…I am tired of oat bran.  Can you believe it?  Y’all, I totally OD’d on the stuff, and if I see another bowl of broccoli blended oat bran, I think I might puke.  Anyway, I’m currently digging the rolled oats.  I have a secret to share.  I DO NOT LIKE stove-top oats.  They used to be my breakfast of choice before I discovered oat bran.  However, I hate that layer of glue-like starch that forms when you cook them.  Blech.  And as far as the microwave goes, I try to avoid using it. CD and I don’t have one at home (not one that works anyway), and yes, I’m one of those paranoid freaks who thinks the micro-rays are shooting into my head causing brain cancer, etc.  Well, Polly reminded me of the perfect way to prepare a delicious bowl of oatmeal.  Add hot (almost boiling water) to your oats, and allow them to absorb the water until thick and creamy.  No glue or harmful rays included. Thanks Polly!

Rolled Oat Delight

Rolled Oat Delight

My favorite breakfast lately is 1 cup dry oats (Told you I was hungry, and anything less doesn’t do it for me these days.) cooked Polly style with 1/2 scoop Jay Robb vanilla rice protein powder stirred in and topped with 1/2 frozen banana shavings and a HUGE spoonful of Maranatha crunchy almond butter. Don’t fear the bigger portions, and if you’re hungry, eat.

Then there was this filling dinner prepared for me by CD.  

HEAB eats beef.

HEAB eats beef over roasted cauliflower.

Chris was probably a bit surprised when I asked him to make a little extra of his beef Marinutta stir-fry for me as I rarely eat red meat, but after covering 10 miles on Saturday, I was craving a manly meal. :)  Thanks CD – it was delicious! 

Exciting news to share: For any other bloggers/readers in the Denver or surrounding areas, Melissa and Kaneil have put together a dinner meet-up, this Thursday, August 13 at WaterCourse Foods in Denver at 6 PM.  Please email me if you’d like to join us.