I'm Completely Out of Jay Robb

by HEAB on August 15, 2009

Travesty indeed!  Between myself and CD, we have polished off 1 bag of vanilla Jay Robb and 1 canister of chocolate Sun Warrior rice protein powder since arriving in Colorado 3 weeks ago.  Yes, even CD is cutting back on dairy, avoiding whey protein powder as well as his beloved Parm.  I usually have at least 2 scoops a day of the rice stuff. Love it so much, and I was quite sad to finish it off last night. Thankfully, I had a back-up plan…

2817700159We had a small stash of single serving packets of the NutriBiotic vanilla brown rice protein.  Check out the ingredients & nutritional info: 

SupFactNB159Not too shabby, huh?  I love the simple ingredient list.  The major difference between the NutriBiotic brand and other brown rice protein powders I’ve used is the absence of stevia. So, although not sweet, it added a rather pleasant vanilla flavor to my oats this morning.  I’ve tried their chocolate powder before, but I think I prefer the vanilla. I’m still Jay’s #1 fan, but the NutriBiotic products seem to be more readily available in most areas.  In fact, as far as I know, the only place you can purchase the Jay Robb rice protein is online.   Jay, come on now…it’s time to spread the rice love! :)

No picture of my oats this morning as you’ve seen it all before.  However, before I head out on my long hike, I wanted to share with you some oatgurt success! 

mailScott and Christina, my Oatie loving HEAB readers used their yogurt maker to make their own delicious batch of oatgurt. Both Scott and I agree that the key to oatgurt success is keep the amount of added water to a minimum.  I’ve received so many emails recounting oatgurt disasters, and when I get home I plan to update my recipe page with exact oat groat and water measurements.  What about you?  Have you tried oatgurt yet?  I miss it so!

CD, maybe we should invest in a yogurt maker. That way, I won’t burn the house down using our Costco HeatDish. 😉

CD’s Random Comment of the Day:

A yogurt maker is not an investment Heather Pie…It’s a purchase.