The Incline

by HEAB on August 25, 2009

This past weekend, I did a little hiking.  

Saturday morning, both CD and I got up early.  Chris hit the track, and I hit the Incline Trail.


View from near the top.

2,696 steps with a 48% to 60% grade.  Last year, we stayed in walking distance of the Incline, and I did it 3 times.  I was running trails almost everyday and lifting three days a week.  My best time up was 55 minutes, and I thought there was no way I would even get close to that time this year.  Of course, my competitive soul was hoping to reach the top in under an hour, but I just kept telling myself that I should be happy to even finish. My time? 51:04. Honestly, I was floored and spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how that happened.  Perhaps it’s because I’m a few pounds lighter?  Perhaps it’s all the hiking I’ve been doing around the yurt? Perhaps all those Warrior poses have really strengthened my legs?  Perhaps 8 months of nothing but yoga and walking has done this body some good?  Whatever the reason, I was beyond ecstatic for my new Incline PR.  Then I realized I had to get back down.  Walking down the stairs is an option, but not one I want to ever try.  The only other way to get down is by trail, and I prefer to run rather than walk due to the slippery slopes.  So, I hit Barr Trail for 30+ minutes of running switchbacks down Pike’s Peak.  My quads were screaming, but I was smiling the entire time.

I came home and celebrated with some cherry oats.

Rolled Oats with vanilla protein powder and frozen cherries.  Refueling at its finest!

Rolled Oats with vanilla protein powder and frozen cherries. Refueling at its finest!

Before I go, a big congrats to Shannon Rowbury over at The Long Run, one of the fastest lovers of almond butter out there, on her bronze medal in the 1500 at the World Championships in Berlin.  Awesome finish Shannon!

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