I Don't Do Moderation

by HEAB on September 2, 2009

Thanks for all of your comments on my Sweet Tooth post.  Many of you responded with stories of your own sugar addiction, and some of you thought I was being a little too hard on myself.  After reading everyone’s advice, I had a few more thoughts I wanted to share.

All or nothing.  With me, it’s always been all or nothing.  If I have one diet soda, you might as well hand me a 6-pack.  1 scoop of ice-cream usually leads to the whole pint. 1 piece of pizza? Try 4.  Let’s just say I was never the I’ll just have one bite of dessert and be satisfied kind of girl.  Everything in moderation doesn’t work for me. I wish it did, but it doesn’t.  I know which foods I can eat in abundance, and sugar is not one of them.

Honestly, I don’t think sugar is good for anyone, and I believe Marissa summed it up best when she said, Poison in moderation is still poison.  I know I’ve said it before, but I will say it again.  We do not need cake, cookies, candy, or ice-cream. We don’t, and for me, the 30 seconds of joy it provides my taste buds is not worth the destruction it does to my insides.  Yes, I do eat sugar.  I love So Delicious Coconut milk ice-cream, dark chocolate, and raw desserts, but in general, I try to stay away from the white stuff, and the honey, and the agave, etc. Sugar is sugar, and once I start, I just want more and more.   I’m not saying I won’t enjoy sweets sometimes, but I just really want to get out of the habit of always eating a dessert with every meal. It’s so not necessary.

Am I a perfectionist?  Am I overly obsessed with eating healthy?  Am I too hard on myself?  Perhaps, but I’d rather be a little hard on myself than be a 100 pounds overweight. I’ve been down that road before my friends, and I am not going back.  I know what I need to eat to stay slim, healthy, and strong, and sugar is not part of the plan.  So, please understand where I’m coming from when I get on my no sugar soapbox.  

I never want to be overweight again.  I never want to develop Type 2 diabetes.  I never again want to get laughed at behind my back.  I never again want to be referred to as that one, the heavy-set girl over there.  I never again want to hear the words, but you have such a pretty face. I never again want to shop at Lane Bryant, and I never want my favorite pair of jeans to not fit.


Me in my favorite Joe’s Jeans.


Kicking myself for not buying 2 pairs.





You can call me vain, obsessive, stubborn, maybe even a little crazy.  I prefer to call myself happy and healthy…OK, so I am a little crazy, but in a happy sort of way. :)

Yes, life is too short to not enjoy some sweets on occasion, but for me, staying away from sugar has done nothing but prolonged my life.  If it’s all or nothing…I think I’ll choose nothing. That is what works for me.  

On that note, I present you with my breakfast: warm quinoa mixed with vanilla rice protein powder and fresh berries.  


Now, why on earth would I fill by body with sugar-laden nutrient lacking junk when I could eat this delicious bowl of goodness instead? The answer seems obvious to me.

I leave you with a quote from Scott, who started his own wonderful blog not too long ago:

I believe that until we get back to eating “the old fashioned way” (whole, fresh, simple ingredient foods) on a consistent basis, our health as a species will continue to suffer.

Well said Scott. I couldn’t agree more.