Weekend Fun

by HEAB on September 9, 2009

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Yesterday’s post caused some interesting feedback.  I posted late Monday night and then deleted my first sarcastic letter Tuesday morning because it sounded mean-spirited, and that is so not my style.  Sometimes I just get really worked up and passionate on certain topics if you haven’t noticed.  My diet is by no means perfect, but I’ve seen what a difference clean and pure eating can make in a person’s life.  I work for an integrative medical doctor, and some of our patients are walking miracles. It’s amazing how the human body can heal itself when given proper nutrition.  AMAZING. Anyway, thanks for all the supportive comments and emails.

Chris and I went out of town this past weekend to visit old friends and to see Chris’s family.  We had a blast, but I am ready to just chill in Nashville for a while. My eats and workouts got a little out of whack with all our travels as of late, and I’m looking forward to settling back into a routine.

Breakfast while staying at a friend’s house…

Their pantry was stocked with ypical HEAB foods.  Rolled oats, nectarine, and PB.

Their pantry was stocked with typical HEAB foods. Rolled oats, nectarine, and PB.

On Sunday afternoon, CD and I went to a major league baseball game.  I cut an avocado in half, put it back together and packed it in a Ziploc bag along with a plum to eat if I got hungry.  Ate the following instead…

My annual MLB dog.  Yes I did.

My annual MLB dog. Yes I did. Again, I by no means eat a perfect diet. PS - I love grilled onions.

On Monday morning, I awoke super early to get in a little yoga flow of my own. I did about 30 minutes or so and then ran up the stairs of our friend’s apartment building, all 34 floors.  Afterwards, I made up for the hot dog with a very tasty breakfast and some good company.

Mara of What’s For Dinner was kind enough to pick me up and take me to breakfast at Heartland Cafe.  Mara, it was so good to finally meet you in person.  You are hilarious, and I know we would hang out often if we lived in the same city.  

Veggie omelet sans cheese with brown rice, salsa, and avocado on the side.

Veggie omelet sans cheese with brown rice, salsa, and avocado on the side.

Me & Mara. :)

Thanks again Mara for a wonderful morning!

In regards to the “your food looks like the diarrhea of the orphan kids I took care of for 6 months in Nepal last summer” comment yesterday, I leave you with…

CD’s Random Comment of the Day:

She does make a good point. 😉