New Grain

by HEAB on September 12, 2009

Was it amaranth?  Was it millet? How about buckwheat?

Nope, it was….



My friend Em and I did a little exchange.  She was in need of a certain cookbook I had, and I was in dire need of some teff. The only time I’d ever eaten teff was in the form of Injera bread at a local Ethiopian restaurant, but I’ve been dying to try the grain itself.  Our Whole Foods only sells teff flour, but Em eats teff all the time and was happy to send some my way along with a few Caveman Bars. Thanks sweet Em!

According to this website, teff, a tiny, yet nutrient dense grain has quite the history.

Teff is believed to have originated in Ethiopia between 4000 and 1000 BC. Teff seeds were discovered in a pyramid thought to date back to 3359 BC. Because the grains of teff are so small, the bulk of the grain consists of the bran and germ. This makes teff nutrient dense as the bran and germ are the most nutritious parts of any grain. This grain has a very high calcium content, and contains high levels of phosphorous, iron, copper, aluminum, barium, and thiamine. It is considered to have an excellent amino acid composition, with lysine levels higher than wheat or barley. Teff is high in protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. It contains no gluten so it is appropriate for those with gluten intolerance.

After some hot Vinyasa yoga, I poured 1/2 cup of dry teff into my rice cooker along with 2 cups of water and a pinch of salt.  By the time I was done showering, my warm cooked teff was waiting for me…I love my rice cooker.

Before mixing in some Jay Robb vanilla rice protein powder, I took a bite of plain teff.  It reminded me of wheat bran.  Not bad by itself, but much better with a little sexy hot love from Mr. Robb.  I then played musical jars and served up my breakfast in some Maranatha roasted almond butter.

If you can find teff, I highly recommend it!

If you can find teff, I highly recommend it!

Teff gets two thumbs up from me.  It’s makes a tasty bread as well as a hot cereal bathed in almond butter.

In other exciting news, guess what is coming to Nashville??????

I was hoping for a job but had to settle for a free headband instead.  ;)

I was hoping for a job but had to settle for a free headband instead. ;)

That’s right.  Lululemon is opening up a showroom in Nashville, in the very same strip mall that houses Whole Foods and Anthropologie.  3 VERY dangerous places for my checkbook.  Anyway, the store does not open until next month, but the employees held an open house today. I stopped by to meet the manager after begging her for a job meeting her over email.  I own one pair of Lululemon pants that I bought for 50% off at my local yoga studio, and they are seriously the BEST pants ever.  That being said, I cannot justify spending $100 on another pair.  I’ve decided the only way I’m ever going to get that 2nd pair would be with an employee discount.  Unfortunately, they’ve already hired a full staff, but I’m not giving up just yet.

Any other teff eaters or Lululemon pants owners out there? Teff recipes?  Any Lululemon hand-me-downs?  Never hurts to ask. 😉