Ice-Cream, HEAB Style

by HEAB on September 15, 2009

First off, I tried a new yoga class yesterday.  It took place in the coolest little studio behind someone’s house in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Nashville.  Think huge old foursquare homes along a wide tree-lined street mixed in with quaint little stores and coffee shops.  (Belmont Blvd. for any local readers) Beautiful.  Anyway, it was Kundalini style yoga, and my arms are super sore today. Unlike any other yoga I’ve tried. Good stuff.

Look what was waiting on our doorstep when we got back from our Labor Day travels:

Our first ice-cream maker!!!!

Our first ice-cream maker!!!!

Scott and I did a little exchange.  Since he and his wife no longer use their ice-cream maker, I offered to take it off their hands in exchange for a batch of Oaties. They were also kind enough to send us some Cafe Brioso coffee, some of the best decaf I’ve ever brewed. Thanks again Scott!

After freezing the ice-cream container, I couldn’t wait to whip up our first batch of homemade ice-cream.  Can you guess the secret ingredient?

Click here to find out…