Rainy Day Smoothie

by HEAB on September 17, 2009

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Still raining in Nashville. It’s days like this when I really miss Colorado. Not to be a downer, but I NEED sunshine in my life, and the sun shines almost constantly in my beloved western state.  Here? Not so much, but that’s okay as Nashville does have a beautiful Fall.

Anyway, I did get in a walk this morning with a friend in between downpours, and then I came home and to a 20 minute hip-opening flow from YogaDownload. Love me some Pigeon Pose in the AM! I then made a smoothie.  I love smoothies, but they make me cold.  So, during the cooler months, I usually use hot water. A warm smoothie?  I know, sounds kind of weird, but it works for me…and apparently for Deb, aka Smoothie Girl as well. :)

Sunshine in a glass on a grey day.

Sunshine in a glass on a grey day.

My smoothie of choice this week:

As many smoothie recipes as I’ve tried, I realize they are never going to satiate me unless I add some fat and protein, just like my oats.  I also use a a lot of water, usually 2 or 3 cups.  I’m full now…and cold.  Must have been the frozen cherries.

Does anyone else out there have a funky film on the inside of their blender?  My Vita-Mix is all cloudy – I blame the rice protein powder. I’ve tried everything to clean it, even an SOS pad.  Please advise.

Look what’s back in my life…



I broke down and went back to my local Asian Market after several bad kabocha experiences last Spring.  Their latest shipment looked decent, and I bought 3 squashes.  When I got home, I ate 1/2 of a huge one, steamed and served plain. Gosh, I’ve missed this stuff! :)

Stay tuned for an all raw ice-cream recipe tomorrow as well as a new and VERY EXCITING product. Until then, stay warm my friends.

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