Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer and Nuttzo Winner

by HEAB on September 23, 2009

And the Random Integer Generator picked #2:

Mara, who said:

Man, I’m #2… #2 never wins :)
Oh well, i’ll try anyway! My favorite nut by far is me
:) oh, you meant edible? Probably cashew or chestnuts… yum!

Hehe – I guess sometimes #2 does in fact win.  Congrats Mara! Please email me with your address, and your Nuttzo is on its way.  For those of you who didn’t win, you must try this nut butter as I am loving it!  Danielle, creator of Nuttzo sent me this brief description when I inquired about the ingredients:

The crunchiness comes from whole flax seeds and hazelnut pieces. There is no added sugar so the sweetness comes from the sunflower seeds and the Valencia peanuts. The Valencia peanuts, cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, ground flax seed and sea salt are ground into a delectable, thin butter.

Seriously you guys, so good!  Click here to see if it’s available in your area or to order your own online.

Before I get to my creamer review, I just wanted to thank everyone so much for all the Happy Anniversary wishes. CD and I felt so loved yesterday.  We went out to eat at Park Cafe, my favorite restaurant in Nashville, and the site of our wedding ceremony. I mentioned that we were going there somewhere in the comments of my post yesterday, and my sweet Yoga Fairy (Alice, my mother-in-law) read it, called the restaurant, and treated us to dinner all the way from Arizona.  So, again many thanks to all of you and to John and Alice for a wonderful meal!

If you're ever in Nashville, you must dine at Park Cafe!

If you're ever in Nashville, you must dine at Park Cafe!

OK, time for some coffee talk…

Heather, how about some coffee with your cream?

Heather, how about some coffee with your cream?

Please excuse the bad lighting, but that photo was taken at 5 AM.  I’ve been drinking hot water with lemon most mornings, but when my box of So Delicious Coconut Milk creamers arrived, I busted out the decaf.

IMG_3175I tried the original flavor first, and although it does contains cane juice, it was not sweet at all. However, after adding some liquid stevia drops, it was perfect. Rich, creamy, and slightly sweet.  The French vanilla creamer was great all on its own, but the hazelnut…no thanks.  It was way too sweet and tasted fake, even though it does not contain any artificial ingredients.  The contents of that mug ended up in the sink.  However, it did make for some pretty tasty Nutella ice-cream. :)

Still loving the ice-cream maker!

Still loving the ice-cream maker!

2 cups So Delicious hazlenut creamer + 2 TBSP cocoa powder. That’s it.  Lovely.

I’ve heard the creamers are available at Whole Foods, and I would highly recommend the original all well as the French vanilla flavors as far as taste goes.  The hazelnut? Yeah, not so much.  My only problem with the creamers (besides the fact that the hazelnut tasted like I was doing straight shots of amaretto) is that they all contain sugar, including the original flavor.  Even though organic coconut milk is listed as the first ingredient in the French vanilla followed by organic evaporated cane juice, 1 TBSP contains 20 calories, 0 fat, and 4 grams of sugar.  That’s a lot of sugar folks, especially for the amount of creamer I use.  I think I’ll stick with the original, 20 calories and only 1 gram of sugar per serving.  Much better.

Happy Wednesday to you all.