I Did A Half Marathon

by HEAB on October 18, 2009

on the bike. 😉

CD ran a half this morning at his marathon pace.  He signed up to do the race as a training run for his full marathon in December.  I served as his trusty water bottle girl and rode alongside him the whole way.  We won. 1st place overall in 1:13:09, and that was running at his marathon pace. Boy, you’re crazy.

CD, love those sexy running legs of your's. :)

CD, love those sexy running legs of your's. :)

Let me back up and tell you about the disaster that was my breakfast at 5 AM. Well, no, I’m not going to tell you.  Let’s just say it was a hilarious debacle that involved protein powder and the ice-cream maker.  Yes, I attempted to make ice-cream at 4:45 AM, and my vision of oat bran topped with protein ice-cream did not come to fruition. ‘Nuff said.

Moving onto lunch.  So, I feel like maybe I’ve hugged one too many carbs this month. As much as I love my grains and squash, I’ve been craving more protein in my life.  Rice protein powder is great, but sometimes, I just need a good savory meal. Following the race this morning, I didn’t want a smoothie. Nor, did I want tempeh, eggs, or fish.  I wanted chicken, and after a trip to Trader Joe’s, that’s exactly what I ate for lunch.

Raw salad topped with chicken. Just what I wanted.

Raw salad topped with grilled chicken. Just what I wanted.

Underneath my protein fix was a bowl of Lemon-Miso salad, which I have not made in forever.  Why? So good.  CD is on a miso kick himself.  Every day he takes a thermos full of homemade miso soup to work for his afternoon snack, and on that note, I leave you with…

CD’s Random Comment of EVERYDAY:

Miso Horny.

Heather’s Random Thought of EVERYDAY:

Just one day CD…can we get through just one day without hearing that phrase…please. 😉