Almond Adoration

by HEAB on October 23, 2009

Almonds are back in my life. Oh how I missed them. After 3 days of breakfasts on the go and lots of eating out, it was so nice to get back to some Heather food.

I’ve been craving lots of green and protein after one too many Larabars during my trip to California. No more bars or sandwiches for me for a while.

Lunch yesterday was just what I needed.

Roasted veggies with grilled chicken and almond butter.
Ever plopped some almond butter on a fresh from the grill warm chicken breast? No? Try it. I promise you it will not disappoint.
Next up, I made the best batch of homemade almond milk ever thanks to Gina.
Look, no separation!
Every time I’ve made my own almond milk, it separates into a watery mess with almond foam on top. It’s fine for smoothies but was never that great for much else…until now. Click here for the recipe. I tried using the almond pulp to make gluten free bread. Disaster! I’ll have to work on that one.
Last but not least, my one almond-free meal as of late, today’s breakfast…
Chocolate protein oat bran with Fudge Babies and POM arils. Heavenly.
Calling all photographers. I’m working on my blog banner, and I’m in need of a clean crisp photo of raw almond butter. Does anyone have a picture I can use? If so, one batch of Maple Nut Oaties is on its way!
Anyone else having a blah workout week? I’m so not feeling yoga, but I think my body is just tired from all my travels. Hope everyone has a good weekend. I’m hoping to try out a new homemade pizza recipe. Stay tuned…