Pizza Slop

by HEAB on October 25, 2009

Using this recipe sent to me by Allie, I attempted a homemade millet pizza crust with onions and rosemary. Looked good, no?

After adding my toppings (tomato sauce, Kalamata olives, and fresh basil), I broiled the pizza for a few minutes.

Still decent looking.
Then I cut into that baby…

Yeah, that didn’t work out so well.
At least it was not a total Heat the Salmon Butt disaster since it still tasted good. Allie, next time I’ll follow your advice and use chickpea flour. I don’t think using my cast iron skillet was the best strategy either. What a mess!
Oh well, my dessert made up for it.

Protein Ice-Cream. No ice-cream maker required…but you will need a Vita-Mix. 😉
Into the Vita went:
Blend until all fluffy and creamy. Who needs Papa John’s and Baskin Robbins?!?
Off to my first yoga class in over a week. So excited to get back into my yoga groove. Later my friends.