And The Winner Is…

by HEAB on October 27, 2009

Photo #1 taken by Abby. Check out her photography site here. Thanks again Abby!

Meet my other brilliant photographers:
Photo 3: Nicole
Photo 4: Polly
Photo 5 & 6: Maggie
So, I feel awful, but I’m not sure if I will be using Abby’s beautiful photo. Zesty is hard at work on my design at this very moment, and as much as I’d like to use every photo submitted, you’ll just have to wait and see which one we choose. Abby, if it makes you feel any better, your photo is my new wallpaper. :) Please email me your address, and your Oaties will arrive soon. Plus if I end up using a different photo, I’ll bake up a 2nd batch for the lucky photographer. Sound good?
I’ll be back soon with another post. Guess what? It’s raining in Nashville again today, and I believe it’s our wettest fall on record. Feels that way anyway. Trying to stay positive. Big smile. :)