She's Finally Here

by HEAB on November 1, 2009

Yesterday was the day. Lululemon’s showroom in Nashville had it’s grand opening, and I skipped out on CD’s 10K race to attend. You can see where my priorities lie. Hehe – sorry CD!

If you’re unfamiliar with Lululemon, you can read the history behind this amazing line of athletic wear here. Their products are pricey. The one pair of Lululemon pants I own, I bought for 50% off at a local yoga studio. However, I do have to say that they are my favorite piece among the many pairs of workout bottoms I own. After 6 months of weekly wear and tear, they still look like new. More importantly, my bum looks really good in them. 😉
So, needless to say, I was beyond excited to hear that Lululemon would be opening in Nashville, and the grand opening celebration did not disappoint. Gillian St. Clair, one of my first very yoga instructors, was there to teach a class, and before our first Down Dog, she danced for us.

Gillian’s background is in dance, and she has an AMAZING yoga practice. In fact, when she taught at my local gym, I used to get there early just so I could watch her warm-up. She is so full of grace, and to watch her move is completely mesmerizing.
Then it was our turn….

We flowed to live drums, and I was so excited to pop right up into Side Crow as I haven’t been working on arm balances lately. Love it when that happens. The store plans to hold a free yoga class with a different instructor every Saturday. Thanks Lululemon!
After class, I got to talk to an old friend.

So good to see you Galit!
She talked me to into buying this…

Carolyn, that pose is for you. :)
OK, so I didn’t need much convincing for this hoodie purchase, but why is it so much easier to talk yourself into buying new clothes when your girlfriends are around? Am I right?
After class, I came home and celebrated my fun morning with a fun lunch.
Pizza with steamed veggies and cashew cheeze sauce.
I’ve decided to experiment with goat cheese. Dairy is not my friend, but I’ve read that some people with dairy allergies can handle goat dairy products. So, a while back, I bought a little hunk of raw goat cheese. Yesterday, I decided to dig it out of the fridge and make myself a pizza. For the crust I used a brown rice tortilla, and the sauce was a couple of spoonfuls of organic tomato sauce mixed with a pinch of stevia powder. It was fun to eat melted cheese again.
Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween as much as I did. Happy Sunday!