Remember Remember the 5th of November

by HEAB on November 6, 2009

Ever since living in England I always like to acknowledge Guy Fawkes Day…and I completely spaced it yesterday. :( I’ll make sure and burn my effigy of Guy later tonight. I was too busy celebrating other things like…

Don’t forget to visit Chocolate Covered Katie. Click here all month long to help raise money for The Enough Project.
November is also National Pomegranate Month and look what came in the mail to help celebrate.

The POM Wonderful peeps sent me an autographed copy of Rubies in the Orchard, a marketing book written by Lynda Resnick, founder of POM Wonderful. Also included were some POM Wonderful goodies. Thanks POM – so excited to have more arils in my life!
After busting open my package, I immediately made this recipe sent to me by at least 5 of my readers. Love you guys – you know me well!

Winter squash with tahini and pom arils.
This tasted exactly like…hummus, and ain’t nothing wrong with a little kabocha hummus. All that was missing was some warm pita bread. However, I think I prefer my pureed kabocha sweet….

Roasted kabocha squash pureed with vanilla Jay Robb rice protein powder and served in the waning Sunbutter jar. Amazing. Perfect. Love it so much. Now, every time I post pictures of kabocha squash, I get emails asking me if I eat the skin. So, for any new readers, yes I eat the skin. No, it doesn’t taste weird. If it did, I wouldn’t eat it. Because the skin is dark green, I’m assuming (hoping) it contains some good nutrients. However, I don’t eat it for that reason. I’m usually just too lazy to peel it. :)
You know who else loves kabocha? Katie! Click here to read about her fascination with this wonderful squash.
Coming up Monday…a POM recipe contest. Time to get your POM lovin on! Oh, and be sure to enter my NuNaturals Stevia Giveaway as today is your last chance.
Now smile…it’s Friday. :)