Protein Intake

by HEAB on November 16, 2009

The big Protein Announcement: I’m leaving CD for Jay Robb. He he. JOKING!

I really don’t have a big announcement other than to say that I’m trying to eat more protein and fewer grains. It’s NOT to lose weight. I’m 5′ 7″, and I weigh around 135 pounds. I’m perfectly happy and healthy at this weight. However, ever since I lost weight 10 years ago, I’ve had some hormone imbalances. I’m a mystery, and although I’ve seen several doctors, including a mid-wife, no one can quite figure out what is going on inside my body. I’m currently working with my boss, an alternative MD, to get everything back in balance. So, trust me, I have my reasons, and I’m going to leave it at that. I’m not saying grains are the enemy. Nor, am I eating no carb – just trying not to eat oat bran at every meal, which I have been known to do. 😉

So, what am I eating?


Breakfast this morning was inspired by two of my favorite readers, Carolyn (love her!!!!) and Dawn (my egg-white guru). I had a scrambled egg white quesadilla with a head-size blob of Trader Joe’s Creamy and Smooth hummus (bye-bye Sabra!).

Am I eating carbs?


Um, yes, That would be a waning jar of Trader Joe’s raw crunchy almond butter filled with a kabocha squash & Jay Robb rice protein powder puree.

Again, oats are NOT the enemy. Been there, done that, and it was misery. I’m simply eating less of them. For instance, instead of my post-dinner oat bran bowls, I’ve been LOVING on some protein ice-cream.


Yes, I eat most of my meals out of jars, and yes, that was a 26 ounce jar of almond butter. Again, lots of protein ice-cream!

Some people have requested a full day-of-eats. Are you interested? I normally don’t post everything I eat because…well, because I eat weird things that aren’t always pretty. However, if you would like to see what goes in my belly, I won’t hold back.

And Katie, no worries, I’m still hugging my carbs…just trying not to squeeze too tight. :)

Every Sunday night Chris requests my presence in the Reagan Room (yes, our living room is named after Ron) so that we can watch Sunday Night Football together, which leads us to…

CD’s Random Quote of the Day (I know you’ve missed them)…

CD in regards to Faith Hill’s NFL Sunday Night Football intro: This is my favorite Faith Hill song.

Heather: CD, name one other Faith Hill song.

CD:…complete silence

Heather: Yeah, that’s what I thought. :)