Home Late, Quick Dinner

by HEAB on November 18, 2009

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I must say I have a new found respect for all 3 posts-a-day bloggers. It’s fun, but not easy!

After a super fast 2 mile walk/jog with the pups, I took a quick shower and got ready to go into work. Lunch was great, but I knew it wouldn’t hold me through an afternoon of massage therapy sessions. So, I blended 2 TBSP chia seeds with 2 cups water in the Vita-Mix and let it gel while I took a shower. Then, before leaving, I made a smoothie with the chia gel, canned pumpkin (1/3 cup?), 1 scoop vanilla pea protein powder (random sample I had), cinnamon, stevia, xanthan gum, guar gum, & ice. Gulped it down on the way to the office and later decided that I don’t like pea protein powder. It makes my belly gurgle.


That 32 ounces of pumpkin pie goodness got me through the afternoon, but by the time I arrived home around 7:30, I was hungry again. CD had already eaten the crock-pot meatballs I made for him. Therefore, I was on my own for dinner, and in honor of my favorite Chocolate Covered gal, I made an all vegan dinner, kale chips and a Garden Herb Sunshine Burger smothered in this…


I love ketchup. Then look what I discovered sitting in our cabinet…


An almost empty almond butter jar. I’d say there was a good 2 to 3 heaping spoonfuls left. Now, I couldn’t let it go to waste, could I?


Vanilla cinnamon protein ice-cream in the almond butter jar concludes this, a day of eats in the life of HEAB. Won’t you please join me for breakfast? Hope so. Night. :)