101 Uses For Maca

by HEAB on November 19, 2009

Morning. Much to do today my friends. Much to do. Still working on our house project. I’m switching up one of our guest rooms. It’s been fun, but has required a lot of cleaning, furniture moving, and a few Target trips. I also owe a certain someone a batch of Oaties. Deb, I promise they will get made today!

I didn’t sleep very well last night after a certain pup decided she was ready to greet the day at 4 AM.


No, our dogs don’t usually sit on the kitchen table, but they can get away with anything before I’ve had my morning coffee. At least she chose to sit on the magazine I was reading rather than directly on the table. How considerate of you Radley. Deb, I promise to sterilize the kitchen before any Oatie baking. P.S. I covet all bloggers who have that camera pulled up on the computer screen. :)

Breakfast was another savory quesadilla.


Scrambled eggs with leftover grilled chicken breast between 2 La Tortilla High Fiber tortillas. This really needed some hummus or avocado. Since I had neither, I slapped on some mustard, vegenaise, and horseradish instead. Horseradish? Yes, I love that stuff.

I then played barista and made myself a maca mocha, which is really fun to say.


This morning in my inbox there was a recipe for maca hot chocolate from Lina. So, I thought why not? Using my Aerolatte Frother (Love my frother. All coffee addicts should own one), I combined about 16 ounces of coffee with 1 TBSP maca powder, 1 TBSP dark cocoa powder, and my beloved coffee creamer. Hmm, the taste…hard to describe. Earthy chocolate? Let’s just say I’d drink this again. Thanks for the idea Lina!

Off to clean the kitchen, do some Mona Fartlek intervals on the stationary bike, play with the dogs, bake, go to Target, and do some massage therapy. Later my friends.