Oatie Lovin

by HEAB on November 19, 2009

Deb, I baked your Maple Nut Oaties.


However, I guess I should really call them Maple Seed Oaties since I used sunflower seed butter rather than almond butter as I know Deb loves her Sunbutter. :) I also subbed NuNaturals Stevia Baking Blend for half the maple syrup.

I got all my errands done, and for my workout, I skipped the Mona Fartleks and instead took a 45 minute hike with the pups on a trail near our house. I didn’t arrive home for lunch until 2 PM and threw some kale in the oven. While it roasted, I did 15 push-ups, a 2 minute plank hold followed by a 1 minute plank hold, and then I held my nemesis Dragonfly pose for 5 minutes. Someday, I will be able to do this…



I soon heard the oven beeping and my kale chips were done.


Avert your eyes CD. CD is not a fan of my ketchup smothering ways. In honor of Michelle and Katy’s vegan week, I kept with my own vegan theme for lunch. After getting in my greens, course #2 was of course dessert.


Chocolate protein ice-cream with Sunbutter and 1 Oatie. Deb, I know I sent you an email saying the recipe yielded 29 cookies. Well, I only sent 28… had to taste-test one for ya. They are good, but super sweet. In fact, this combo was a bit too much for me. Tasted yummy, but felt kind of gross afterwards.

Off to work I go. Hope everyone is having a good day! See you later tonight. :)