Will You Listen?

by HEAB on November 23, 2009

After reading about the film, Beauty Mark over at my friend Jillian’s blog, I was excited to receive a copy of the movie myself for a private HEAB screening. CD and the pups were invited, and this past weekend, we all settled down on the couch for Saturday night at the movies.

Beauty Mark examines our culture’s impact on the individual’s perception of beauty, documenting the struggles of various individuals as they attempt to conform to society’s unrealistic beauty standards. Diane Israel, a former triathlete and executive producer of the film, shares her own story throughout the documentary and interviews others on a quest for physical perfection.


I chose to watch this movie on my forced day off from any exercise, and the film simply reiterated the fact that I am not alone when it comes to my battles with exercise and food addictions. I know a lot of you think I’m so together and laid back about everything, but trust me, my demons are still there. I will never be the girl I was before I lost all my weight. Yes, I am much healthier now, at least physically, but I sometimes wonder about my mental state as I tend to get really uptight about my food intake and daily activity…read I freak out if I think I’ve eaten more than 2000 calories, and if I don’t get in a walk or a little yoga, I don’t feel like my day is complete.
When will these internal battles with ourselves end? According to this article, even Israel herself still keeps a rather intense workout schedule:

Daily: A 45-minute run, 1-hour hike or 90-minute bike ride up and down Flagstaff Mountain, with nordic skiing at Eldora in winter. For agility and flexibility, three times a week: Pilates, dance or Gyrotonic exercise, a yoga-based system emphasizing arcs, spirals and breathing.

Sounds like too much to me, but I know many of you exercise just as much if not more. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again (I need to hear it too): WE DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE OURSELVES MISERABLE TO BE HAPPY IN OUR OWN SKIN. Hours and hours of cardio are NOT necessary to stay thin, and neither is starving yourself. You simply need to stay active and EAT nourishing whole foods. I get so many emails from girls struggling to lose weight, and it usually turns out that they are not eating enough. If you restrict your calories day after day, you are only going to totally screw up your metabolism. Our bodies need nourishment. They need fat to function and survive. Stop listening to your mind. Tune it out, and listen to your heart and belly instead. OK? I’m going to do my best to do listen as well. I started with breakfast this morning…

First I made some homemade pumpkin butter.


Inspired by Taco Bell once again, I decided on a chicken soft taco for breakfast, but then I asked myself, Heather, what do you really want for breakfast? Turns out I wanted two chicken soft tacos. So, that’s exactly what I ate. :)


2 La Tortilla Factory tortillas filled with pumpkin butter, 4 ounces grilled chicken, tahini, cinnamon, and maca powder.


Oh my gosh, you must try this combo!!!! To my veggie friends, I think it would be most excellent with some grilled tempeh.

What about you? Are you listening?