New Favorite Condiment Alert

by HEAB on November 24, 2009

Just like my girls Gina and Lara, I adore me some shrimp.


That was dinner from a few nights ago, and I’ve eaten the same exact bowl several times since. It’s my interpretation of Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp, consisting of raw spiralized zucchini squash noodles, steamed veggies, raw cashew cheeze sauce, and sauteed shrimp. Shrimp is the easiest and quickest cooking protein ever. Love love love the shrimpies, especially when they are covered in this…


Mama Pea sent me some Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning several months ago, and I love using it in savory dishes. Thanks again Mama Pea – good stuff! However, it’s not the new favorite condiment I spoke of in my title.

No, no, that one arrived on my doorstep yesterday from one of my favorite readers, Carolyn…


A trio of homemade almond butters including chocolate, cinnamon, and the star of the show…


CHIPOTLE ALMOND BUTTER!!! I cannot tell you how good this stuff is. Carolyn, thank you from the depths of my soul! Seriously, this was one of those mornings when I wish all of you were here to taste my breakfast. I simply sauteed some shrimp with my creole seasoning, then added eggs and scrambled everything together. I then plopped my egg mess on top of a warmed tortilla and covered everything in Carolyn’s chipotle almond butter. I COULD EAT THIS EVERYDAY. I give this jar of almond butter no more than a week to live. Please send me your favorite savory almond butter ideas. I want to try them all.

So, who is going to join me for breakfast tomorrow????? 😉