A Runner No More

by HEAB on November 26, 2009

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This morning I am thankful for my friend Cherie who picks me up in her warm car every year early Thanksgiving morning on her way to The Bolt.


The Boulevard Bolt, a Nashville Thanksgiving day tradition, is a 5 mile race that I have run 7 years in a row…until this year. This year, I swallowed my pride and walked most of it. Instead of beating myself up and trying to run the entire course, I turned it into a sprint workout, and I had the best time. I ran as fast as I could for one minute and then walked for five. I repeated this throughout the entire race and then ran the last half mile finishing in 1:01:25. Definitely my slowest Bolt time ever, but I’m A-okay with that.

Afterwards, I am came home and swallowed a big bowl jar of oat bran, my first in almost three weeks.


As you know, I’ve been eating fewer grains and more protein, but this morning I was thankful for a warm filling breakfast straight from the sunflower seed butter jar.

I’m also thankful that the rest of the day will be spent with family and friends…perhaps some football and a nap later, maybe a movie…if I can drag CD away from said football. :)

Wishing all of you a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving.

Much Love,

Heather/HEAB/Heabie :)