My Idea of Shopping

by HEAB on November 27, 2009

No, I wasn’t waiting in line at 4 AM for Target to open. Nor did I set foot in Costco today, or any sort of mall for that matter.

Nope, the only store that saw my money was the local Asian market.


Kabocha. Check.

After I got home, CD helped me lug all of our Christmas decorations up from the basement, and the only thing I managed to put up was Einstein’s Happy Hanukkah sign. Radley got jealous, stole Einstein’s Dreidel, and tried to bury it outside in the dirt.

We then attended our annual hockey game. I talked CD into leaving with 10 minutes left in the game…turns out we missed a goal by the Nashville Predators followed by a huge fight on the ice. Oops, sorry CD. My bad. 😉


Scarf. Check.

Tomorrow morning, I’m meeting up with a certain someone for yoga and coffee, and I can’t wait! I’m also hoping to go get our Christmas tree. There is nothing like a real Christmas tree in my opinion. Love that pine smell.

What about you? Tree or Menorah, and if you celebrate Christmas, do you get a real or a fake tree?