Guess What Today Is?

by HEAB on November 29, 2009

No, it’s not Pancake Sunday, but if you missed it, yesterday was Pancake Saturday. More about today later. First, I must share my exciting Saturday with you. Yes, it got even better after my Mole Pancakes. :)

Erica from Itzy’s Kitchen was in town for the Thanksgiving Holiday, and we had the best time hanging out together. First up was a vinyasa class at Yoga Country.


Erica is the cute little properly groomed one on your right. 😉 We then met up with her husband Josh….I even got to meet Frank the Bulldog. LOVE FRANK! Erica had scheduled Josh for a massage, and afterwards, we all went out for some lunch at Fido’s in Nashville, CD included. We forgot to get a group shot, but here’s one of the girls.


Yoga makes me taaaalllll. I had my usual, the Mediterranean salad. I always request it to be topped with a veggie burger patty. Mmm, hummus + pita + veggie burger = a happy HEAB.


Look how thoughtful Erica is…


Erica, you know me so well! She brought me Sunbutter, tahini, a kabocha squash, and a new candle for my massage studio. Thank you so much my friend!

Gotta go, have another blogger meet-up this morning. Lots of bloggers are in Nashville for Thanksgiving. Love it. Oh, but before I go, I wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to…


HEAB!!!! My blog turns 1 today, and I can promise you much celebrating all week long. Stay tuned…

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