Reader Appreciation Week

by HEAB on November 30, 2009

Hey guys…or maybe I should say Hey girls…and the 5 guys that read my blog. 😉

I wanted to thank everyone for all their HEAB birthday wishes. Honestly, I can’t believe it’s been a year. Boredom at work led me to logging into WordPress one day last November, and HEAB was born. I remember telling CD that I would probably run out of things to say after a week or so…guess not. :)

Anyway, I’ve put together a week of giveaways to let you all know how much I truly appreciate your support. Shall we get started? Today’s giveaway is an EatSmart Kitchen Scale.


When the EatSmart folks contacted me about reviewing their Precision Pro Digital Scale, I hesitated a bit at first. I already owned a kitchen scale, and I really try not get caught up in weighing or measuring all my food. However, I then reconsidered when I thought about how useful a kitchen scale can be, and when the company agreed to send a scale to one lucky HEABer, I was even more excited to try one out for myself.

I won’t lie. I’m always curious to know how much my kabocha squash weighs.


This squash was smaller than most. Has anyone else noticed that kabochas are shrinking?

I also always measure out my protein powder for Protein Pancakes. 30 grams is perfect, and the scoop itself is not always reliable.


Scales are great if you’re trying to lose weight. I think so many people have no idea how big their portion sizes truly are, and a scale can really help keep them in check. However, you know what the best use of a kitchen scale is??????


When you’re in need of a batch of Katie’s Brownie Batter Pancakes! This recipe alone is worth owning a kitchen scale since Katie lists all ingredients in grams. By the way, it’s your last day to help raise money for Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness. Don’t forget to click away over at Chocolate Covered Katie.

So, what did I like about the EatSmart Precision Digital Scale?

1) It’s super sensitive – more so than the scale I already owned.

2) It’s simple to operate, and I love the large digital number display.

3) I like that it will display the weight in total ounces rather than pounds.

4) It’s very compact and easy to keep clean. (Rice protein powder is messy!)

In fact, the only thing I didn’t like about was that sometimes it was difficult to see the display if I placed a large plate on the scale. Other than that, it was great. Thanks again EatSmart! To win a scale of your own, all you need to do is leave a comment below telling Chocolate Covered Katie recipe you can’t wait to try.

A few announcements before I go…

Yesterday, I met up with the cute Whitney of Whit’s Getting Fit. She and her sisters, Meredith and Linden, were in town, and I had the best time with these girls. Amanda also met up with us for coffee at Fido’s. Girls, I felt like we were old friends. So glad I got hang out with all of you before your trip home to North Carolina!


National Pomegranate Month is coming to an end. Be sure to stock up on this delicious fruit while it is still available. Then you can make this amazing sounding recipe submitted to the POM Wonderful Pomegranate Recipe Contest by Gaby. Or, perhaps you can create your own recipe to enter in the contest.

Jay Robb, creator of my favorite rice protein powder, is getting ready to launch his JayClub Platinum Program tomorrow, Dec. 1. Go check it out!

I’ll announce the winner of the EatSmart Scale tomorrow. Be sure to check back everyday this week as there are many more exciting giveaways to come!